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    Welcome to Weddings on Waiheke, the blog of award winning wedding photographer Emma Hughes. I use this site as a way to share all the wedding goodness that happens here on Waiheke Island, along with a smattering of tips and tricks for your wedding day.

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    Image thanks to Lenka Tengblad (Thanks Lenka!)

I’m squeezing this little post into the end of the week cos it sometimes feels a bit weird to toot my own horn!  I was recently down in Wellington for the annual New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers Iris Awards where I picked up a bronze and two silver awards in the Wedding Classic category.  I usually enter 10 prints over several different categories at the Iris Awards but this year I only entered one wedding category due to being a bit pushed for time (the awards were a couple of months earlier than normal) so I was delighted with my results.

I also judged again this year and for the first time felt kind of comfortable in the role.  That’s OK, it’s only taken 6 years of judging for me to get to this point which I guess shows how seriously the judges take their job!

emma hughes judging at New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers Iris Awards

An Iris Awards panel consists of five judges, and these judges are cycled around by the Panel Chairs who do an exceptional job of ensuring that no judge is sitting before their own work or the work of any other photographer they have opted not to judge.  (You are, of course, not allowed to judge your own work, your spouses work or anyone who works for you, but in addition to this you are able to nominate photographers you do not want to judge.  For me this means choosing not to judge any other professional photographers who are based on Waiheke Island.)

Here are my winning images:

NZIPP Silver Iris AwardNZIPP Silver Iris AwardNZIPP Bronze Award

Thanks to my amazing clients whose beautiful weddings got me my awards; the lovely Nat, (silver award) Den and Doug (Silver Award), and Jeremy (Bronze Award) and his funloving groomsmen… what a bloke won’t do for a cold brew on a hot day, aye? 🙂

You can see all the award winners HERE

Have a great weekend everyone x






Looking for something to do on beautiful Waiheke Island this Queens Birthday Weekend?  Pop on in to my studio in Oneroa and visit my new exhibition, Laugh.

Laugh is a collection of playful studio portraits of a troupe of local improvisational comedians… from quirky faces to alter-egos, come along to see character portraiture with a twist!

The gallery hours during the exhibition are 10am – 4pm, showing until Sunday the 10th June.  xx

laugh exhibition

laugh exhibition_marketplace

Fabulous support again from the two local papers … love this Waiheke community spirit.  Above, the front cover of this week’s Waiheke Marketplace and below, an article in the Gulf News.

laugh exhibiton_gulf news


Goodness me, what a fabulous wedding to end my 2015/16 season with!  Diane and Glenn had an incredible day with their closest friends and family at the wonderful Cable Bay Vineyards.  I knew from the moment I started talking with Diane over email and phone that this wedding was going to be a bundle of energy, love and laughter and I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Diane is a lover of glamour and sparkle and her wedding day was a stylish affair; amaaaaazing dresses, bow ties, lush red roses and the cutest little flower girl to lively up proceedings.  I have so many special moments to share in this post… Diane and Glenn, I hope you enjoy this selection of images from your day! xx

It’s just too exciting!!

Beautiful make up by Charlotte from Island Beauty.

While the girls were getting ready in Palm Beach, Glenn was overseeing the team from Flower Gallery working their magic at Cable Bay…

Yep, the bubble machine is working 🙂

Arriving at Cable Bay in a Rolls Royce from Waiheke Roller… someone’s excited!!

Following their vows to each other, Glenn also made a vow to Diane’s daughter Lara which added a really lovely touch to the ceremony, overseen by popular waiheke celebrant Irene Armstrong.

Love this shot!!  Diane’s dress was made by her sister in law Rosemary Whitehead and was a such a stunning gown… I loved the see through sides and sexy lacy back.

I must admit that this is the first time I can remember a reception starting with a dance-party but that is exactly what happened at Diane and Glenn’s wedding… such a great idea, and meant that Lara could enjoy the fun before she nodded off later in the night.

Wow!  Such a fun night … thank you Diane and Glenn for ending my wedding season with a bang!! xx


I’ve got to admit that the weather was a hot topic of conversation in the lead up to Ashley and Jeremy’s wedding day… it was forecasting heavy rain and with hopes for a beach ceremony on Onetangi Beach, this was a bit of a concern.  As it turns out we did have some rain (and it was heavy!) but luckily it stopped in enough time to go ahead with not only a ceremony on the beach but also our pre-wedding first look and photo session.  Phew!

waiheke-island-wedding_001Jeremy and his boys got ready for the day at a holiday home along Onetangi beach called Beach Front Bliss… we had a great time with them mucking around on the beach before the rain began to fall…

waiheke-island-wedding_002waiheke-island-wedding_003waiheke-island-wedding_004waiheke-island-wedding_005waiheke-island-wedding_006waiheke-island-wedding_007waiheke-island-wedding_008waiheke-island-wedding_009Just in case you missed the superman moment…

waiheke-island-wedding_010waiheke-island-wedding_011waiheke-island-wedding_012waiheke-island-wedding_013waiheke-island-wedding_014Ashley and her girls had rented a holiday home along 3rd Ave, also in Onetangi.  Friends and family played a huge part in this beautiful wedding and Ashley was lucky to have her Aunt Vicky who is a hairstylist in Wellington working her magic, as well as another Aunty creating the amazing bouquets that she and the girls carried.  Auckland make up artist Kaz did Ashley’s make up for the day.

waiheke-island-wedding_015waiheke-island-wedding_016waiheke-island-wedding_017waiheke-island-wedding_018waiheke-island-wedding_019waiheke-island-wedding_020waiheke-island-wedding_021waiheke-island-wedding_022waiheke-island-wedding_023waiheke-island-wedding_024waiheke-island-wedding_025waiheke-island-wedding_026waiheke-island-wedding_027waiheke-island-wedding_028waiheke-island-wedding_029waiheke-island-wedding_030waiheke-island-wedding_031Our initial attempt at a first look had to be delayed due to rain but we waited it out in the cars for few minutes to see what it would do and breathed a sigh of relief when the weather lifted…  and so I bring you, First Look, Take Two:

waiheke-island-wedding_032waiheke-island-wedding_033waiheke-island-wedding_034waiheke-island-wedding_035waiheke-island-wedding_036waiheke-island-wedding_037Such a beautiful moment x

waiheke-island-wedding_038waiheke-island-wedding_039waiheke-island-wedding_040waiheke-island-wedding_041waiheke-island-wedding_042waiheke-island-wedding_043waiheke-island-wedding_044waiheke-island-wedding_045waiheke-island-wedding_046waiheke-island-wedding_047Such a little cutie!

waiheke-island-wedding_048waiheke-island-wedding_049waiheke-island-wedding_050waiheke-island-wedding_051waiheke-island-wedding_052waiheke-island-wedding_053waiheke-island-wedding_054waiheke-island-wedding_055Meanwhile, sunshine and blue skies were starting to show up as family and friends readied the ceremony site.

waiheke-island-wedding_056waiheke-island-wedding_057waiheke-island-wedding_058waiheke-island-wedding_059waiheke-island-wedding_060waiheke-island-wedding_061Jeremy and Ashley’s reception was being held at The Venue, a hop, skip and a jump away from Onetangi Beach… I loved their fresh colour scheme of white and yellow.

waiheke-island-wedding_062waiheke-island-wedding_063waiheke-island-wedding_064waiheke-island-wedding_065ashley001waiheke-island-wedding_068And then it was ‘go time!’

waiheke-island-wedding_069waiheke-island-wedding_070waiheke-island-wedding_071waiheke-island-wedding_072waiheke-island-wedding_073waiheke-island-wedding_074waiheke-island-wedding_075waiheke-island-wedding_076waiheke-island-wedding_078waiheke-island-wedding_079waiheke-island-wedding_080waiheke-island-wedding_082Love the expressions in the above photo, such a cute look.

waiheke-island-wedding_083waiheke-island-wedding_084waiheke-island-wedding_085waiheke-island-wedding_086waiheke-island-wedding_087waiheke-island-wedding_088waiheke-island-wedding_090waiheke-island-wedding_089waiheke-island-wedding_091waiheke-island-wedding_092waiheke-island-wedding_093waiheke-island-wedding_094waiheke-island-wedding_095Thanks for inviting us to capture your beautiful wedding Jeremy and Ashley… I hope you enjoy this selection of images from the day. 🙂