Nick and Sarah’s Waiheke Wedding Day

Nick and Sarah’s wedding was the kind of wedding that every photographer dreams about capturing … elegant, stylish, fun, playful and downright beautiful!

There was no expense spared to create this gorgeous Valentine’s Day wedding, which was planned to perfection by the bride herself. The ceremony took place at The Estate, with a lavish reception held at Mudbrick Vineyard complete with an incredible sunset and some mighty fine dancing moves!

I heave HEAPS of photos to share from this magical day so grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy…


Nick and the boys had a bit of a run around down at Oneroa Beach before getting ready for the big day.











Nick’s brother Jamie had a quick run through of the song he was going to sing at the ceremony…




Meanwhile the girls were onsite at The Estate, preparing for the wedding with hair and make up from Sarah Knight




Sarah’s gorgeous wedding dress was created by designer Jane Yeh










Love this shot of Sarah’s mum checking her out in her wedding gown!







The bridesmaid’s dresses were clever wrap numbers from Miss Crabb







In a private moment Nick’s grandfather, Sir John Todd, gifted his watch to his grandson just prior to the ceremony commencing.




Celebrant Adrianne Dallimore began the ceremony… I love these images as Sarah is escorted down the aisle by her dad to her waiting (and slightly nervous!) groom.





The ceremony location looked amazing, set up by wonderful Waiheke florist Virginia Thompson from Flower Gallery, using a gorgeous range of decorative pieces from Centre Piece (wedding arch supplied by Figment Events).









Borrowing from Sarah’s greek heritage, their ceremony included the crowning of the bride and groom with connected wreaths.






We had a bit of fun with Nick and Sarah’s awesome bridal party at The Estate before heading to Mudbrick for the wedding reception.




I love these photos!














This amazing tree grove is always on my hit list when I’m shooting up at Mudbrick! Love it!





We were lucky that the sun peeked through the trees right at the end of the our shoot in the grove…


The Mudbrick Restaurant looked especially gorgeous with the addition of a curtain of fairy lights to add even more sparkle to the occasion.

Sarah and Nick’s reception evening was fabulous; filled with heartfelt speeches, photobooth fun from Photobooth Waiheke, and much laughter and frivolity… not to mention the killer sunset!





Yummy cake by Rebecca Lloyd at The Cake Parlour



































The happy couple enjoyed a very romantic first dance to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri which had everyone up and on the dance floor… such a great song for a first dance.








… and then some crazier dancing took the floor! Fun! (Great playlist by the way guys).









Thanks so much for choosing us to capture your incredible wedding Sarah and Nick … wishing you much happiness in the years to come. x

If you have enjoyed Nick and Sarah’s wedding photos, feel free to let them know in the comments box below.  And please head on over and like my Emma Hughes Photography page  on Facebook to keep up to date with all my latest work.

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Coming tomorrow … Nick and Sarah’s Beautiful Waiheke Wedding!

sarah and nick todd

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Beautiful Waiheke Wedding at Casita Miro Vineyard // Weddings on Waiheke

Casita Miro Wedding Photograph on Waiheke Island

Vivian and George could not have picked a more beautiful day to get married at the lovely Casita Miro Vineyard!  With friends and family traveling from around the globe, Waiheke turned it on BIG TIME with a spectacular blue sky day to showcase it’s charms.

The boys began their day in a truly kiwi fashion when the Mr Whippy van came cruising past their digs in Oneroa…

001_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

002_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

003_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

The girls meanwhile were cosily ensconced in the Onetangi Beach Apartments, where they had spent the morning relaxing and being pampered by wonderful waiheke hair and make-up experts Charlotte Edwardes and Amanda Sands.

004_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

005_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

Love love love these shots of Vivian above and below … veils make me so happy! :D

006_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

007_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

Beautiful flowers from Vicky at Wildflower

008_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

009_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

George is a ‘farm boy’ so I thought we’d better include a bit of a rural outlook on the wedding day

Vivian and George decided to have their photography session before the ceremony so that they could enjoy more time with their guests so we went to one of my favourite locations on Waiheke for their first look moment…

010_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

011_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

012_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

014_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

013_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

015_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

016_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

017_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

018_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

019_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

Elegant wedding day transport took the form of a Rolls Royce from Waiheke Roller (always a good look!).  We headed to Onetangi Beach for some images down there before carrying on to Casita Miro…

020_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

021_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

022_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

023_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

024_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

025_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

026_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

027_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

028_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

029_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

030_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

031_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

032_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

033_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

034_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

Love this sneaky shot of Lance’s taken from inside the restaurant at Casita Miro.  This is the first time we have shot a wedding at Casita Miro and it was such a lovely venue to work within.  I adored how the guests spilled out onto the grass in casual groupings… understated elegance at it’s best!

035_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

036_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

037_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

038_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

039_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

040_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

041_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

042_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

043_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

044_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

We had a little time to explore the gorgeous grounds of Casita Miro and the valley of vineyards it nestles within.

wedding at Casita Miro

wedding at Casita Miro

wedding at Casita Miro

048_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

049_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

casita miro wedding photos

051_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

052_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

053_wedding at Casita Miro Waiheke

The team at Photobooth Waiheke were on site to entertain the guests, which is always a hit with everyone.  We finished the night with a covert ‘over the top’ shot of George and Vivian having a bit of fun.  Thanks so much to our lovely bride and groom for making our day so enjoyable… we loved capturing your special day x

Vendor List:
VENUE: Casita Miro
CELEBRANT: Irene Armstrong
MAKE UP: Island Beauty
HAIR: Amanda Sands
FLOWERS: Wildflower Waiheke
TRANSPORT: Waiheke Roller
PHOTOBOOTH: Photobooth Waiheke

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Sarsha and George at The Goldie Room // Waiheke Wedding Photographer

wedding at goldie room_001

Sarsha and George were married recently at The Goldie Room on a day which must surely have been one of the hottest this summer… thankfully some welcome cloud cover came to the rescue part way through the day and provided us with some gorgeous soft light to capture their beautiful outdoor ceremony under the always impressive Goldie Pohutukawa tree.

wedding at goldie room_002

wedding at goldie room_003

wedding at goldie room_004

wedding at goldie room_005

wedding at goldie room_006

wedding at goldie room_007

wedding at goldie room_008

Cake by the ever fabulous Rebecca Lloyd at The Cake Parlour

wedding at goldie room_009

wedding at goldie room_010

wedding at goldie room_011

wedding at goldie room_012

wedding at goldie room_013

wedding at goldie room_014

wedding at goldie room_015

wedding at goldie room_016

wedding at goldie room_017

This wedding was a little different for us as Sarsha and George had a traditional Jewish ceremony (and a short official ceremony before their guests arrived to satisfy NZ marriage requirements).  When George arrived at The Goldie Room one of the first things he had to do was to go into a private room where Sarsha was waiting with a collection of ladies and lift her veil to make sure it was the right person under there… love Sarsha’s cute expression below!

wedding at goldie room_018

wedding at goldie room_019

wedding at goldie room_020

wedding at goldie room_021

wedding at goldie room_022

wedding at goldie room_023

wedding at goldie room_024

wedding at goldie room

Following the civil ceremony I had some a little time with Sarsha for a few bridal portraits before their wedding day continued on top of the Goldie hill…

wedding at goldie room_025

Sarsha’s wedding flowers were from Waiheke Flower Company

wedding at goldie room_026

wedding at goldie room_027

wedding at goldie room_028

wedding at goldie room_029

Waiheke Make up artist Charlotte Edwardes from Island Beauty and hairdresser Jules Arlove from Hair on Waiheke created Sarsha’s stunning look

wedding at goldie room_030

wedding at goldie room_031

wedding at goldie room_032

Sarsha’s mum made the Chuppah, a four posted canopy under which the couple married and this was held on each corner by both Sarsha and George’s brothers which was a lovely way include the two families into the ceremony.

wedding at goldie room_033

wedding at goldie room_034

wedding at goldie room_035

wedding at goldie room_036

wedding at goldie room_037

wedding at goldie room_038

wedding at goldie room_039

wedding at goldie room_040

wedding at goldie room_041

wedding at goldie room_042

The ceremony began with Sarsha circling her groom seven times… although she lost count and was gently reminded by George that she had only circled him six times to the laughter of their guests.

wedding at goldie room_043

wedding at goldie room_044

wedding at goldie room_045

wedding at goldie room_046

wedding at goldie room_047

wedding at goldie room_048

wedding at goldie room_049

wedding at goldie room_050

wedding at goldie room_051

wedding at goldie room_052

wedding at goldie room_053

wedding at goldie room_054
Mazel tov!

Following their ceremony Sarsha and George retreated to a private room to spend some time alone and focus on the commitment they had just made to each other while their guests relaxed on top of the hill with a glass of bubbly or juice.

wedding at goldie room_055

wedding at goldie room_056

wedding at goldie room_057

wedding at goldie room_058

wedding at goldie room_059

wedding at goldie room_060

wedding at goldie room_061

wedding at goldie room_062

wedding at goldie room_063

wedding at goldie room_064

wedding at goldie room_065

wedding at goldie room_066

wedding at goldie room_067

wedding at goldie room_068

We spent some time shooting around the wonderful Goldie grounds, exploring the different locations and shooting as we went…

wedding at goldie room_069

wedding at goldie room_070

wedding at goldie room_071

wedding at goldie room_072

wedding at goldie room_073

wedding at goldie room_074

wedding at goldie room_075

wedding at goldie room_076

wedding at goldie room_077

Playing around with a Lensbaby Edge 80 for these shots above and below to create a bit of a ’tilt-shift’ feel.

wedding at goldie room_078

wedding at goldie room_079

wedding at goldie room_080

wedding at goldie room_081

The lovely soft light was really beautiful and I love the gentle images we were able to capture in the long grasses…

wedding at goldie room_082

wedding at goldie room_083

wedding at goldie room_084

wedding at goldie room_085

wedding at goldie room_086
Lance’s sneaky through the vines shots above (just pretend you can’t see his legs in the photo below!!)

wedding at goldie room_087

wedding at goldie room_088

wedding at goldie room_089

wedding at goldie room_092

wedding at goldie room_093

wedding at goldie room_090

wedding at goldie room_091

wedding at goldie room_094

wedding at goldie room_095

wedding at goldie room_096

wedding at goldie room_097

wedding at goldie room_098

wedding at goldie room_099

wedding at goldie room_100

wedding at goldie room_101

wedding at goldie room_102

wedding at goldie room_103

wedding at goldie room_104

wedding at goldie room_105

wedding at goldie room_106

Thanks Sarsha and George for inviting us to capture your very special wedding day … all the very best for your beautiful life together! x

wedding at goldie room_107

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Kenny and CK’s wedding-moon in New Zealand!!

Take two lovely men, add 10 of their closest friends and lots of laughter and love and you have the beautiful wedding day of Kenny and CK, who tied the knot at Cable Bay Vineyards last week.

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke001

They were looking for a laid back and relaxed wedding day surrounded by those that had supported their relationship through-out the years and decided that escaping to Waiheke Island fitted the bill perfectly!  One of their guests even flew in from the UK for just ONE day to attend their wedding.  If you ask me, that says a lot of them as a couple. (Or maybe just that they have crazy friends!! Ha ha)

We started the day over in Auckland City (which was a bit of a treat for me given that I photograph almost exclusively on Waiheke Island), where Kenny and CK were getting ready at the Sky City Grand Hotel

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke002

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke003

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke004

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke005

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke006

I have a bit of a thing for hotel corridors… I actually have a memory of excitedly running up and down them as a kid (probably being a bit naughty!), and find myself drawn to the symmetry, sameness and endlessness of them, so I love this shot above of Kenny and CK outside their room.

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke007

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke008

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke009

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke010

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke011

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke012

And I LOVE shooting on Waiheke of course with it’s amazing beaches and lush tree groves, vineyards, etc…. but man is it nice to capture a bit of an urban-feel every now and then!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke013

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke014

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke015

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke016
In case you ever wondered, this is what it looks like when you are shooting on a road and there is a car coming up behind you!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke017

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke018

After being greeted by their guests in the lobby we headed down to the downtown ferry terminal for the journey to Waiheke Island…

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke019

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke020

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke021

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke022

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke023

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke024

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke025

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke026

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke027

It turned out that their wedding coincided with the Iron Man Competition in the downtown Auckland waterfront, which added a bit of fun!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke028


same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke030

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke029

Watching the Matiatia Ferry Terminal come into view…


same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke031

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke032

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke033

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke034

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke035

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke036

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke037

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke038

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke039

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke040

Cable Bay looked pretty epic and the day was hot hot hot!!  Having come from Kuala Lumpur, Kenny and Ck were cool as cucumbers but I’ve got to admit I was feeling the heat!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke041

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke042

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke043

Kenny and CK’s wedding was officiated by Auckland celebrant Blake Northover and their buttonhole flowers were provided by Vicky from Wildflower Waiheke

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke044

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke045

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke046

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke047

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke048

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke049

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke050

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke051

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke052

One of their dear friends read a poem she had written for the occasion…

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke053

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke054

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke055

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke056

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke057

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke058

A reception lunch in the wonderful, cool (in both senses of the word!) Cable Bay wine library was the perfect conclusion to their stunning day.  Thank you so much Kenny and CK for sharing your day with me… I love how my job continually brings me into contact with some of the best humans from around the globe. x

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Sophie and Tim… married on beautiful Waiheke Island!

And continuing the theme of starting the year off with a bang… a week or so ago we captured the incredibly gorgeous wedding of Sophie and Tim who were married at St Peters Church and then had their reception at the inimitable Mudbrick Vineyard.  Their wedding day epitomized style and elegance, with loads of fun thrown in along the way!

The boys got ready for the day at a holiday home in Tiri Rd where they were having a relaxed start to day…

001_elegant waiheke wedding day
Spelling out Tim’s initials… just in case you were wondering!

002_elegant waiheke wedding day

003_elegant waiheke wedding day

004_elegant waiheke wedding day

005_elegant waiheke wedding day

006_elegant waiheke wedding day
(A slightly mis-representative photo given how laid back and happy everyone actually was, but you’ve got to have at least one ‘rockstar’ shot, right?)

007_elegant waiheke wedding day

Meanwhile, at the very fabulous Fairgrounds Estate …

008_elegant waiheke wedding day

009_elegant waiheke wedding day

010_elegant waiheke wedding day

Sophie’s stunning dress was a David Fielden creation and her bridesmaids dresses were from online store ASOS

011_elegant waiheke wedding day

012_elegant waiheke wedding day

Sophie and her girls were in the skilled hands of Ashlee Kellett and her wonderful team of hair and make-up experts.

013_elegant waiheke wedding day

014_elegant waiheke wedding day

015_elegant waiheke wedding day

016_elegant waiheke wedding day

017_elegant waiheke wedding day
The girls check out their dresses

018_elegant waiheke wedding day

019_elegant waiheke wedding day

020_elegant waiheke wedding day

021_elegant waiheke wedding day

Effortless beauty from Sophie!  Floral arrangements during the day were by Kelly from Blush, who did a beautiful job of the bouquets and also the vases of wild blooms around Mudbrick Vineyard.

Sophie had managed to keep her dress a secret from all her bridesmaids and had a special ‘reveal’ moment with them…

022_elegant waiheke wedding day

023_elegant waiheke wedding day

024_elegant waiheke wedding day

025_elegant waiheke wedding day

026_elegant waiheke wedding day

027_elegant waiheke wedding day

028_elegant waiheke wedding day

029_elegant waiheke wedding day

030_elegant waiheke wedding day

031_elegant waiheke wedding day

032_elegant waiheke wedding day

033_elegant waiheke wedding day

034_elegant waiheke wedding day

035_elegant waiheke wedding day

036_elegant waiheke wedding day

037_elegant waiheke wedding day

038_elegant waiheke wedding day

039_elegant waiheke wedding day

040_elegant waiheke wedding day

Their beautiful ceremony was officiated by Sophie’s uncle Father Brian Fletcher.

041_elegant waiheke wedding day

042_elegant waiheke wedding day

043_elegant waiheke wedding day

044_elegant waiheke wedding day

045_elegant waiheke wedding day

046_elegant waiheke wedding day

047_elegant waiheke wedding day

048_elegant waiheke wedding day

049_elegant waiheke wedding day

050_elegant waiheke wedding day

052_elegant waiheke wedding day

051_elegant waiheke wedding day

053_elegant waiheke wedding day

054_elegant waiheke wedding day

055_elegant waiheke wedding day

056_elegant waiheke wedding day

057_elegant waiheke wedding day

Being so close to Little Oneroa beach we decide to have our photo-shoot there – such a beautiful spot to showcase an incredible blue sky Waiheke day!

058_elegant waiheke wedding day

059_elegant waiheke wedding day
Love this one!!

060_elegant waiheke wedding day

069_elegant waiheke wedding day

061_elegant waiheke wedding day

063_elegant waiheke wedding day

062_elegant waiheke wedding day

064_elegant waiheke wedding day

065_elegant waiheke wedding day

066_elegant waiheke wedding day

067_elegant waiheke wedding day

068_elegant waiheke wedding day

070_elegant waiheke wedding day

071_elegant waiheke wedding day

072_elegant waiheke wedding day

073_elegant waiheke wedding day

074_elegant waiheke wedding day

Tim and Sophie’s guests formed a guard of honour and threw petals as they arrived for their reception at Mudbrick … loved this fun touch!

075_elegant waiheke wedding day

076_elegant waiheke wedding day

077_elegant waiheke wedding day

078_elegant waiheke wedding day

079_elegant waiheke wedding day

080_elegant waiheke wedding day

081_elegant waiheke wedding day

082_elegant waiheke wedding day

083_elegant waiheke wedding day

MC’ed by Tim’s sister, their reception was such a pleasure to capture…  Laughter could be heard from every corner of the venue, especially during the speeches which were all fabulous.  So much love and happiness at this wedding!  Not to mention some seriously wicked dance moves being pulled out on the dance floor, especially from our bride… now there’s a girl you want in your corner in a dance-off!

I think I’m going to let my photos do the talking from this point on…

084_elegant waiheke wedding day

085_elegant waiheke wedding day

086_elegant waiheke wedding day

087_elegant waiheke wedding day

088_elegant waiheke wedding day

089_elegant waiheke wedding day

090_elegant waiheke wedding day

091_elegant waiheke wedding day

092_elegant waiheke wedding day

093_elegant waiheke wedding day

094_elegant waiheke wedding day

095_elegant waiheke wedding day

096_elegant waiheke wedding day

097_elegant waiheke wedding day

098_elegant waiheke wedding day

099_elegant waiheke wedding day

100_elegant waiheke wedding day

101_elegant waiheke wedding day

102_elegant waiheke wedding day

103_elegant waiheke wedding day

104_elegant waiheke wedding day

105_elegant waiheke wedding day

106_elegant waiheke wedding day

107_elegant waiheke wedding day

108_elegant waiheke wedding day

109_elegant waiheke wedding day

110_elegant waiheke wedding day

111_elegant waiheke wedding day

112_elegant waiheke wedding day

113_elegant waiheke wedding day

114_elegant waiheke wedding day

115_elegant waiheke wedding day

116_elegant waiheke wedding day

117_elegant waiheke wedding day

118_elegant waiheke wedding day

119_elegant waiheke wedding day

120_elegant waiheke wedding day

121_elegant waiheke wedding day

122_elegant waiheke wedding day

123_elegant waiheke wedding day

124_elegant waiheke wedding day

125_elegant waiheke wedding day

126_elegant waiheke wedding day

127_elegant waiheke wedding day

128_elegant waiheke wedding day

129_elegant waiheke wedding day

130_elegant waiheke wedding day

Thanks Tim and Sophie for inviting us to capture your awesome wedding day… we loved being part of your celebration and wish you all the happiness in the world!

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