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Waiheke Beach Guide – Little Oneroa Beach

Little Oneroa is a lovely little bay on Waiheke Island.  It’s extremely popular with pretty much everyone, making it one of the island’s busiest little hotspots.  It has a dairy, a pizza cart, that very cool retro-painted boatshed, and a busy carpark.  Its popularity is one of it’s main drawbacks from a “Wedding Photography Location” perspective, especially because it is home to one of the best playgrounds on Waiheke!  Families having picnics and noisy children are par for the course at this beach, known to locals as ‘Little O’.

Still, on the plus side, the bride gets to feed the dreams and aspirations of dozens of little girls who collectively sigh as she walks across the sand, delicately swinging her jeweled shoes from perfectly manicured nails.  The ring of “Ooh, mummy, look!  A princess!” has made many a brides day.

(images shot on a quiet winters morning).

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