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The NZIPP Waiheke Island Wedding Photography Workshop (bit of a mouthful!)

Recently the Auckland chapter of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) came over to Waiheke Island for an afternoon workshop.  They all gathered in my (far too small for them all) Gallery on Tui St before we headed down to Little Oneroa Beach for a shoot with a gorgeous couple who had kindly agreed to pose as a bride and groom for me.  Following my workshop they were all transported up to Cable Bay to enjoy a presentation from Blair Quax of Shine Studios before attending the opening of Island Five, an exhibition of works from five award winning Waiheke Island photographers, Alice Doig, Phillipa Karn, Lauretta Quax, Blair Quax… and me. 🙂

I have never taken a workshop quite like this one, standing before almost fifty working professional photographers.  I was a bunch of nerves in the lead up but found that I rather enjoyed myself once I got going.  The time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for me to wrap it up.  I felt like I missed out heaps, not even covering half of what I planned!

Turns out I talk with my hands rather a lot!

Tamara, my ‘model bride’, had borrowed a stunning dress from lovely local lady Suzanne (who I found out later is the owner of the recently opened “Gorgeous Inn” in Church Bay), and looked completely stunning!  She and her partner Aaron were awesome and seemed almost completely unfazed by the number of lenses that were pointing their way.

(Obviously considering breaking into song…)

I managed to sneak a couple of photos of Vicki from Wildflower Waiheke when she dropped off Tamara’s bouquet, (which she generously provided free of charge – thanks so much Vicki). xx

The hair and make up was done by Waiheke based lovelies Charlotte from Island Beauty and Jules from Hair on Waiheke.

As  always, the support from the local media was incredible and I was pleased as punch when the Waiheke Marketplace ran a huge article about the workshop in the week that followed.  There go those hands again!

The exhibition opening itself was a great event – many thanks to Cable Bay for providing the venue and Phillipa for organising it!  The exhibition is now officially closed, but don’t let that stop you from visit Cable Bay for a lazy afternoon on the beanbags accompanied by a glass or two of their vino.  Bliss.

Thanks for Harry Janssen from Redzebra Studio and Lauretta Quax from Shine Studios for the pics of me in action.

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