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Kenny and CK’s wedding-moon in New Zealand!!

Take two lovely men, add 10 of their closest friends and lots of laughter and love and you have the beautiful wedding day of Kenny and CK, who tied the knot at Cable Bay Vineyards last week.

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke001

They were looking for a laid back and relaxed wedding day surrounded by those that had supported their relationship through-out the years and decided that escaping to Waiheke Island fitted the bill perfectly!  One of their guests even flew in from the UK for just ONE day to attend their wedding.  If you ask me, that says a lot of them as a couple. (Or maybe just that they have crazy friends!! Ha ha)

We started the day over in Auckland City (which was a bit of a treat for me given that I photograph almost exclusively on Waiheke Island), where Kenny and CK were getting ready at the Sky City Grand Hotel

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke002

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke003

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke004

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke005

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke006

I have a bit of a thing for hotel corridors… I actually have a memory of excitedly running up and down them as a kid (probably being a bit naughty!), and find myself drawn to the symmetry, sameness and endlessness of them, so I love this shot above of Kenny and CK outside their room.

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke007

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke008

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke009

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke010

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke011

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke012

And I LOVE shooting on Waiheke of course with it’s amazing beaches and lush tree groves, vineyards, etc…. but man is it nice to capture a bit of an urban-feel every now and then!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke013

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke014

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke015

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke016
In case you ever wondered, this is what it looks like when you are shooting on a road and there is a car coming up behind you!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke017

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke018

After being greeted by their guests in the lobby we headed down to the downtown ferry terminal for the journey to Waiheke Island…

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke019

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke020

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke021

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke022

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke023

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke024

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke025

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke026

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke027

It turned out that their wedding coincided with the Iron Man Competition in the downtown Auckland waterfront, which added a bit of fun!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke028


same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke030

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke029

Watching the Matiatia Ferry Terminal come into view…


same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke031

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke032

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke033

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke034

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke035

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke036

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke037

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke038

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke039

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke040

Cable Bay looked pretty epic and the day was hot hot hot!!  Having come from Kuala Lumpur, Kenny and Ck were cool as cucumbers but I’ve got to admit I was feeling the heat!

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke041

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke042

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke043

Kenny and CK’s wedding was officiated by Auckland celebrant Blake Northover and their buttonhole flowers were provided by Vicky from Wildflower Waiheke

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke044

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke045

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke046

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke047

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke048

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke049

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke050

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke051

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke052

One of their dear friends read a poem she had written for the occasion…

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke053

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke054

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke055

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke056

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke057

same sex wedding_auckland_waiheke058

A reception lunch in the wonderful, cool (in both senses of the word!) Cable Bay wine library was the perfect conclusion to their stunning day.  Thank you so much Kenny and CK for sharing your day with me… I love how my job continually brings me into contact with some of the best humans from around the globe. x

  • Kenny - Firstly, thank you for the beautiful, beautiful work you did here, telling the story of our most special day. CK and I can’t stop grinning looking at how the photographs turn out — and we were there when you shot them! Incredible.

    Emma, you’re truly one in a million. It was a long day, but you kept on smiling and encouraging us. Time flew by so fast the day was over before we knew it. But thanks to these images you captured, we have the rest of our lives to remember it.


  • Wallace L - Great Couple, Great Occasion, Great Photographer, Great Weather & Great Friends!

    Love all the photos and Emma really did a good job!!! =)
    The photos tell me the chronology of the sweet moment and make me felt like I was there even though I am cherishing the moment all the way from Malaysia here.. hehehe

    My warmest wishes to CK & Kenny. Congratulations my friends!!

    Wallace LeongReplyCancel

  • Christine Choy - Enjoy looking at the photos which share their story, their naughtiness, their sweet moment. Emma you really did a good job! We love the photos!

    Also, congratulations to this lovely couple!ReplyCancel

  • Aly Sparreboom - Dear CK and Kenny,

    First of all I would like to offer my congratulations on your special day and I hope you will have many happy returns of the day.

    What a delightful set of pictures to watch. You chose very well to go to this venue AND hire this photographer.

    And for CK, I hardly recognize you in the pics. What a difference from everyday life in the Netherlands 😉 This style suits you though …

    Very warm regards,

  • Frankie - The accident of finding this post has brnhgteied my dayReplyCancel

  • - Anchio ho incontrato un formichiere qualche mese fà in Honduras, non era un formichiere gigante, ma era davvero simpatico e davvero bello, dovreste fare una puntata in Honduras la prossima stagione ci sono dei veri paradisi e tanti animali da rettili a mammiferiReplyCancel

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