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Amanda and Sare’s wedding at Passage Rock Vineyard on Waiheke Island

001_passage rock wedding

I feel blessed in my job as a wedding photographer to be able to cross paths with many fabulous people.  Not only fabulous people, but fabulous people who are having the time of their lives celebrating all that is good in their world.  Definite perk of the job!

Two such gorgeous people are Amanda and Sare who journeyed from the mighty Oz to party on down with their nearest and dearest at the wonderful Passage Rock Vineyard.

002_passage rock wedding

003_passage rock wedding

004_passage rock wedding

005_passage rock wedding

006_passage rock wedding

007_passage rock wedding

Fleeting though my acquaintance with them had been, I could tell within seconds that Amanda and Sare were NOT going to have a traditional Waiheke Island wedding!  Kicking off as they meant to carry on, they entered their wedding ceremony to the strains of a traditional instrumental wedding march which morphed into Groove Armada’s ‘I See You Baby’, shaking that asssssss, shaking that asssss!  So good.

008_passage rock wedding

009_passage rock wedding

010_passage rock wedding

011_passage rock wedding

012_passage rock wedding

Celebrant Jules Fuller did an excellent job of the ceremony which had many lovely touches including a ring blessing, wine ceremony and an American Indian smudging ceremony performed by Amanda’s sister…

013_passage rock wedding

014_passage rock wedding

015_passage rock wedding

016_passage rock wedding

017_passage rock wedding

018_passage rock wedding

019_passage rock wedding

020_passage rock wedding

021_passage rock wedding

022_passage rock wedding

023_passage rock wedding
Love this!

024_passage rock wedding

025_passage rock wedding

026_passage rock wedding

027_passage rock wedding

028_passage rock wedding

029_passage rock wedding

030_passage rock wedding

031_passage rock wedding

032_passage rock wedding

033_passage rock wedding

034_passage rock wedding

035_passage rock wedding

036_passage rock wedding

037_passage rock wedding

038_passage rock wedding

039_passage rock wedding

040_passage rock wedding
In retrospect I think I set the pace for this GIF a bit fast!! :-O  (Sorry… is anyone feeling a bit stressed out!?)

041_passage rock wedding

042_passage rock wedding

We spent some time shooting around Passage Rock’s gorgeous environment before heading out to explore further afield.

043_passage rock wedding

044_passage rock wedding

045_passage rock wedding

046_passage rock wedding

047_passage rock wedding

Amanda is a photographer herself so we played around with a camera as a prop which was a good laugh!

048_passage rock wedding

049_passage rock wedding

050_passage rock wedding

051_passage rock wedding

052_passage rock wedding

Such a fun bridal party to shoot with … laughter and silliness was definitely the order of the day!

053_passage rock wedding

054_passage rock wedding

055_passage rock wedding

056_passage rock wedding

057_passage rock wedding
ahhhh, Waiheke you beautiful thing.

059_passage rock wedding

I don’t normally include ‘behind the scenes’ shots but I feel like I’m on safari in this one so I reckon it’s kinda cool! (Thanks Lance).

060_passage rock wedding

061_passage rock wedding

062_passage rock wedding

Never a dull moment with these two!

063_passage rock wedding

064_passage rock wedding

065_passage rock wedding

066_passage rock wedding

067_passage rock wedding

Beautiful roses from Vicky at Wildflower Waiheke

068_passage rock wedding
Love this shot above of Lance’s

069_passage rock wedding

Thanks Amanda and Sare for your general awesome-ness and bringing some of it over here to Waiheke.  Wishing you a beautiful future full of love and laughter xx

Please feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below.  And head over to facebook and like my Emma Hughes Photography page to keep up with all the Waiheke wedding goodness…

  • Amanda Short - Hello gorgeous Emma,
    Wow, what an amazing day and thank you for capturing it so well!
    The day exceeded our expectations in every way and we felt so at ease having you behind the camera. I suppose its not everyday you get an Helmut Newton brief for a wedding, lol, but you went for it and those images are hilarious.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sare that excited in my life…
    Thank you so much for squeezing our wedding into your hectic schedule, we knew you were the photographer we had to have and the images speak for themselves!
    Team Hughes rocks!!
    Hope to see you again when we visit Waiheke in the future, it certainly is a little patch of paradise you live in 🙂

    All the best,
    Amanda & Sare XxxReplyCancel

  • Julie - The spirit and energy of this beautiful couple is captured perfectly in these photos! Emma, you are truly a master! I was at the wedding and I am getting tingles all over again, seeing these beautiful images. You have given Amanda and Sare – and all of us – some truly wonderful images with which to reminisce about their special day.ReplyCancel

  • Emma - Thank you so much for your comment Amanda … it was a brilliant day, Lance and I loved it and wouldn’t have missed your wedding for the world! x ReplyCancel

  • Emma - Thanks for your comment Julie – I love that you are getting tingles from Amanda and Sare’s images… music to this photographers’ ears!!ReplyCancel

  • Jan Berg - Beautiful pictures, lovely ladies. My daughter and her partner got married in Sept. at a winery in San Francisco and these pictures look much like theirs, just lovely. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Lynda - Awesome you should think of sohnemitg like thatReplyCancel

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