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Dana and Craig’s stunning Waiheke Island wedding

Wow.  Just one little word to describe this beautiful wedding day.  Beautiful, big-hearted, fun, happy people were in plentiful abundance at this special wedding, traveling from as far afield as Scotland… a definite touch of magic in the air all day long.   Not to mention the bagpipes!  And the beautiful doggies, Archie and Farrah who were special guests of honour on the day.

The boys began their day at Palm Beach with a relaxed and easy vibe that carried on through the day…

Craig and his groomsmen had little gift-boxes with socks, cufflinks and a belt for them to wear on the wedding day, and unbeknownst to Craig, Dana had slipped a secret gift into his one…

Turns out Craig is no slouch when it comes to ties so that was lucky!

I reckon there must be all kinds of proud feelings as your brother gets ready to marry the love of his life, and I reckon this photo below of Craig and his brother John captures some of that.

Dana and the girls, along with the Mums and Dana’s Granny were getting ready in Surfdale in the expert care of Amy and Connie from Beauty Spot Waiheke, and Auckland hairdresser Natalie Dent.

The beautiful doggies, Farrah and Archie were in fine form (they had traveled up earlier in the week – from Christchurch by car – thanks to Dana’s Mum and Dad, so it was a pretty big day for them!).

Dana’s mum helped her into her beautiful Essence of Australia gown, purchased from Wilkins Bridal in Christchurch.  Meanwhile, the girls waited eagerly for their first glimpse of Dana.

Love bougainvillea!

Dana and Craig had decided to have their photos before the wedding ceremony so we organised their first look moment at a local reserve.

You’re head and shoulders above the rest Craig!! 😉

Back at Goldie Estate, things were looking very fine indeedy, with loads of lovely touches including individually planted succulents from Set in Concrete, and lots of beautiful flowers on the tables… the handiwork of Dana’s mum who is a florist (and also did all the bouquets and buttonholes for the wedding party).

Let’s get this party started…

Craig and Dana’s friend Nicole got her celebrant’s license especially for them and did a great job of officiating her first ever wedding!

I’m pretty sure that Craig didn’t stop smiling the whole day, but this is a particularly gorgeous post-kiss ‘cat with the cream’ moment.

Meanwhile, Farrah keeps everyone entertained with her back scratching antics!

…And I must applaud their guests for their impeccable timing – a double direct-hit rose petal bullseye as they walked up the aisle is an impressive feat!

Love this moment as Nicole releases some tension after the ceremony while receiving a loving hug from Dana’s mum. xx

We raced up the hill for a couple of quick shots in between the showers with the majestic Goldie pohutukawa tree and the vines, before Dana and Craig returned to their guests to begin their wedding reception… I get the feeling there would have been some excellent speeches that night!!

Congrats Dana and Craig… you guys completely nailed it!  Wishing you a wonderful and happy life ahead, filled with all the good stuff.  Thanks for inviting us to capture your wedding day. xx




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