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The Jassy Dean Garden Safari Art Auction

This morning I dropped off my contribution to the Waiheke Art in the Garden Art Auction, which is part of a HUGELY popular annual event here called the Waiheke Island Garden Safari.  This year it is being held from the 7th – 9th November (this weekend!!) and is the major fundraiser for the Jassy Dean Trust, a charity that distributes financial support for sick kids here on the island.

Jassy Dean Art Auction piece
“Forgotten” : 16×16″ image printed on archival canvas

The Art Auction is being MC’ed this year by John Hawkesby and will be held at Pie Melon Bay, which is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Pie Melon Bay (Rorohara) on Waiheke Island

(And just as a side note, if any of my future brides are looking for a spectacular venue, Pie Melon Bay is available through Jan at Waiheke Island Weddings and Events… so … you know… just putting it out there Universe!)

This year will be the 14th Annual Garden Safari, and there are some amazing gardens to come and wander through – tickets available online at iticket – $35 each for a whole weekend’s worth of Garden Goodness! (kids are free).  Come and support a great cause!

PS  Get the full details HERE

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Fight Exhibition … Auckland Festival of Photography 2014

Well it’s officially winter now and I am meant to be in my ‘quiet’ season but so far I’m yet to get there!  This is due in large part to my inclusion in this years’ Auckland Festival of Photography with an exhibition comprised of portraits of some pretty tough Waiheke locals!

Fight Exhibition_Duan Marshall

The exhibition came about because the kickboxing gym that I train at decided to do a “Fight Night” as a fundraiser for the local schools.  Being a longtime lover of the art of the studio portrait, I jumped at the chance to capture the promo shots of the fighters and was so excited by the images that I decided to turn it into an exhibition while I was at it!  A couple of the promo photos…

denisa kolouchova - fighting spirit ii, waiheke island

Fighting Spirit 2, Duan Marshall Gym, Waiheke Island

Steve Jackson vs Jean Arlove

Called “Fight” (I know, soooo imaginative aren’t I?), the exhibition was selected by D-Photo magazine as one of the photography festivals picks to visit, which I was pretty chuffed about.

The images are a collection of strongly lit, dramatic studio portraits, complemented by audio interviews and a poem selected by my wonderful friend Selina Tusitala Marsh from her poetry collection, Dark Sparring.

fight exhibition - selina tusitala marsh

laying out the Fight Exhibition _ Emma Hughes
Laying out the prints on the floor while I decided on which pieces would go where…

Fight Exhibition_Anna Desbonnets

Fight Exhibition_fist

Fight Exhibition_Damien Babillaud

The opening night of the exhibition was amazing, with a great turnout of the fighters, other Waiheke photographers, friends and members of the general public.  Of course I was so busy having a good time being a good host that I didn’t take any photos, although I was very lucky that Julianne from the Waiheke Weekender took a few snaps for the ‘Scene on Waiheke” section of the paper and sent me through this one…

emma hughes_fight photography exhibition 2014

Anyhooo… the exhibition finishes on Monday 9th so this is the last weekend to come and visit (I know, I only just told you about it!!).  So please come and have a look at these spunky and courageous Waiheke Islanders who are gracing my studio walls… I’ve got to admit it has been a bit hard to concentrate on the computer work this week! :-D

Fight Exhibition_Emma Hughes Photography

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Library workshop on Waiheke

A couple of months ago I was approached by Waiheke Libraries to run an after school workshop for kids, with an eye to creating an exhibition which would run alongside the Auckland Festival of Photography.

Article in the Gulf News about the Emma Hughes Photography kid's workshop

Article in the Gulf News about the Emma Hughes Photography kid’s workshop on Waiheke Island

The workshop itself was so much fun.  Our main focus was on composition and looking for new and interesting angles, and I was really impressed by both the enthusiasm and the abilities of the participants.

The results are now up on the wall at the library and will be there for the next few weeks …. go and check out our young talented Waiheke photographers!

waiheke library kids workshop exhibition

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Iris is coming…

This is the last week to get entries submitted for the 2013 NZIPP Annual Iris Awards… always a roller-coaster of a ride as photographers submit their favourite images from the year and wait breathlessly to see if a panel of their peers love or loathe them.

Sometimes your efforts are lauded.  Sometimes you feel like you have had the rug pulled out from under you.  Sometime the judges don’t even comment on your image. (This sucks muchly). During the course of the judging you can run the gamut of emotions, feeling at times on a total high or like you just want to crawl into a quiet dark space and wallow…. maybe even disappear for a little while.  Actually some do disappear, but you find them quite easily later in the hotel bar.

In an industry that is populated by the ‘creatively curious’ the awards are a really exciting showcase of evocative and compelling work.  It’s also quite addictive and year after year professional photographers gather to try their luck and enjoy the challenge and process.  And, of course, to hang out with photography friends from all over the country who also make the annual pilgrimage to the awards and convention.

This year, the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers convention is being held in Auckland at The Pullman Hotel from the 1-5th August.  The judging is open to the public so if you are interested you can go and watch the proceedings at the following times;

2013 Iris awards approx timetable
I submitted my entries digitally last week and Lance is now frantically matting the prints for delivery this week.   This year I had my images printed by Lee-Ann at Tawa Imaging who did a spectacular job as always.  (Lee-Ann does all my canvas printing for my portrait clients but this is the first year I have got her to do my award entries).

The 2012 NZIPP Iris Awards Touring Exhibition was part of the Auckland Festival of Photography this year and a couple of my award winning images were on display (please excuse the dodgy Instagram iphone pics!  Highly professional.).  If you are interested in seeing all the winners from last years awards you can do so HERE.

nzipp 2013 taveling exhibition

Good luck to everyone who enters this year.  xx

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Lance is hard at work framing my Super Exhibition which opens this coming Thursday evening.  I quite like that… my Super Exhibition.  Bit of a laugh. ;)

super framing

It’s called Super because it is comprised of studio portraits of Waiheke Island’s 70s+ generation, who are not only eligible for a super card but quite frankly are … well… really quite SUPER!

Images are accompanied by a quote from each subject, and for me the experience of photographing and interviewing all these lovely and lively ‘oldies’ was really moving.   I can’t wait to share the images in the exhibition.

Thanks for the awesome plug D-Photo magazine xx …

D photo magazine - for Super Exhibition

All are welcome at the exhibition opening which is on Thursday 30th, 5pm at my gallery in Oneroa (1 Tui St).  Please come and say hello.

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The NZIPP Waiheke Island Wedding Photography Workshop (bit of a mouthful!)

Recently the Auckland chapter of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) came over to Waiheke Island for an afternoon workshop.  They all gathered in my (far too small for them all) Gallery on Tui St before we headed down to Little Oneroa Beach for a shoot with a gorgeous couple who had kindly agreed to pose as a bride and groom for me.  Following my workshop they were all transported up to Cable Bay to enjoy a presentation from Blair Quax of Shine Studios before attending the opening of Island Five, an exhibition of works from five award winning Waiheke Island photographers, Alice Doig, Phillipa Karn, Lauretta Quax, Blair Quax… and me. :)

I have never taken a workshop quite like this one, standing before almost fifty working professional photographers.  I was a bunch of nerves in the lead up but found that I rather enjoyed myself once I got going.  The time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for me to wrap it up.  I felt like I missed out heaps, not even covering half of what I planned!

Turns out I talk with my hands rather a lot!

Tamara, my ‘model bride’, had borrowed a stunning dress from lovely local lady Suzanne (who I found out later is the owner of the recently opened “Gorgeous Inn” in Church Bay), and looked completely stunning!  She and her partner Aaron were awesome and seemed almost completely unfazed by the number of lenses that were pointing their way.

(Obviously considering breaking into song…)

I managed to sneak a couple of photos of Vicki from Wildflower Waiheke when she dropped off Tamara’s bouquet, (which she generously provided free of charge – thanks so much Vicki). xx

The hair and make up was done by Waiheke based lovelies Charlotte from Island Beauty and Jules from Hair on Waiheke.

As  always, the support from the local media was incredible and I was pleased as punch when the Waiheke Marketplace ran a huge article about the workshop in the week that followed.  There go those hands again!

The exhibition opening itself was a great event – many thanks to Cable Bay for providing the venue and Phillipa for organising it!  The exhibition is now officially closed, but don’t let that stop you from visit Cable Bay for a lazy afternoon on the beanbags accompanied by a glass or two of their vino.  Bliss.

Thanks for Harry Janssen from Redzebra Studio and Lauretta Quax from Shine Studios for the pics of me in action.

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