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New Waiheke Wedding Specialist: Wedding Websites by Charlie Brown

A few years ago I photographed the gorgeous family of Charlie Brown, self taught music producer and dubstep pioneer who goes under the moniker of Optimus Gryme. (one of my favourite pics from their shoot above)

Charlie is a seriously multi-talented individual and a helluva nice guy to boot, and has just launched a new business creating wedding websites for forward thinking brides and grooms who want an easy platform to share information about their day with their friends and family.

The websites allow people to display wedding information; accommodation details, transport, links to gift registry and even a photo gallery and are 100% updatable by the the client so if something changes it’s no sweat to update all your guests.

You can check out an example of what the functionality of the sites HERE and Charlie has an introductory offer of only $299, so if you like the sound of it, be in quick!  You can contact Charlie on info(at)myredezine(dot)com or 027 9066876

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Instagram Love

March was one of those months that really did feel like it went forever while simultaneously seeming to disappear in a snap of the fingers.  It was my first month in my new studio and this was AWESOME (and also a little challenging while we got new internet systems in place and nutted out some networking issues and all the other little things that come with ‘shifting house’).

I’m really enjoying playing with the new light sources I have in my studio and have been shooting up a storm in there, including a few ‘play shoots’ of my lovely family, portfolio shoots, portraits and shooting the promo images of eleven fighters who are preparing to jump in the ring in late May (can’t show you those yet though).  That’s not to mention the weddings… it’s been a busy month!

Some of these adventures + other random happenings of my life are on my Instagram feed… feel free to follow along if ya wanna;

Instagram Love
TOP ROW: Sunrise Waiheke style, Jessie in the studio, Graffiti in a Waiheke Alley
MIDDLE: Joe being crazy at the beach, Opening of Waiheke’s newest Bar/Eatery, Yellow Rose (gift from hubby)
BOTTOM: Stolen moment at sunset, The Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert, My friend Selina working her magic at the Pacific Poetry All Stars

OK… a couple of real photos now:

make up by the Amy Crawford from The Beauty Spot

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Concert

Macklemore_auckland concert



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A little bit of Audrey for your Tuesday evening…


source: ETSY

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The new studio is almost finished!

This week is more than a little exciting… that’s assuming that ‘exciting’ is a suitable synonym for super stressful, of course.  The Grand Opening of our new photography studio is happening this Friday evening from 5-7pm and as of the start of this week it looked like this;

almost finished photography studio!

So… um, it’s not quite finished.  BUT, I have been confidently assured by the lovely Lancelot that it will be all done and dusted by the time we are ready for Party Blast-Off at 5pm (in two days time, gulp!).  If you want to find out if we make the deadline I guess you will have to just come along on Friday night to 106 Oceanview Rd in Oneroa and see.

All welcome, celebratory drinks provided. ;) (Cross your fingers for me, OK).


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Ash and Matt’s Engagement Shoot

Happy Valentines Day!  To celebrate luuurve today I thought I would share a gorgeous recent engagement shoot with these two love-birds.  Matt and Ash volunteered to be models for the lovely Lavara and myself during a recent play-shoot we did.  This was a session that Lavara organised one evening just for the sheer enjoyment of shooting and it was fabulous.  We couldn’t have asked for a better couple, Matt and Ash had amazing chemistry and happily followed us down narrow trails to some of Waiheke’s hidden spots.  Hope you enjoy!

waiheke engagement shoot_001

waiheke engagement shoot_002

waiheke engagement shoot_003

waiheke engagement shoot_004

waiheke engagement shoot_005

waiheke engagement shoot_006

waiheke engagement shoot_007

waiheke engagement shoot_008

waiheke engagement shoot_009

waiheke engagement shoot_010

waiheke engagement shoot_011

waiheke engagement shoot_012

waiheke engagement shoot_013

waiheke engagement shoot_014

waiheke engagement shoot_015

waiheke engagement shoot_016

waiheke engagement shoot_017

This last shot was lit by cell-phone!  Lavara’s idea that she had seen somewhere.  I must admit I was a bit dubious as to how it would turn out but I love it… the perfect amount of illumination for the subject.

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New Studio UPDATE: almost there…

It’s high time to post a little update on the new studio build which is progressing beautifully and will hopefully be completed by February (you will note that I don’t say when in February!).  So, here it is!


You can see the front starting to take shape now with the joinery in.  The black wall to the left of the building (which has apparently been the source of discontent for a few local Waihekeians and has been described tongue in cheek as the ‘Great Wall of Oneroa’) is soon to receive it’s cedar cladding and accompanying stand out panels, which will soften it considerably.

EHP_january update_1

There is a separate front gallery which will be occupied by The Artist Goldsmith (Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler), with access down to my studio and client space via a separate door (yet to be put in in the above photo but roughly where the yellow piece of scaffolding is).

EHP_january update_2

Above: Looking down the corridor to my studio
Below: My studio (Squeeee…very exciting!)

EHP_january update_3

EHP_january update_4
ABOVE: Inside of The Artist Goldsmith’s gallery

So there you go, a little peek into the building site.  We can’t wait to have it all finished… especially Lance who has come out of ‘building retirement’ to do the build!  In the meantime I can be reached using the usual methods – email, website, or phone.

Hope you’re all enjoying summer!  Our offices are still closed until the 13th Jan, so I will be replying to all messages received after this time.  If you are keen to see a bit of what I am getting up to on my summer hols, feel free to follow my instagram feed… my handle is @waiheke_photographer


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