Waiheke Image Library – a new photography stock library ALL about Waiheke Island!

I am pleased to be a contributing photographer to the newly launched Waiheke Image Library.

This is a new photographic stock library specialising in Waiheke Island photos available for instant download at an affordable price.

Perfect for if you need stunning photographs of Waiheke Island for your website or a brochure or poster.  Files are available to download in high resolution for printed products like magazines and flyers, or web resolution for online usages (websites and email marketing).

There are new images from different photographers being added all the time and the plan is that the image library will grow into an amazing resource for Waihekians to show off our gorgeous island.  Check it out!

Waiheke Beach Guide – Little Oneroa Beach

Little Oneroa is a lovely little bay on Waiheke Island.  It’s extremely popular with pretty much everyone, making it one of the island’s busiest little hotspots.  It has a dairy, a pizza cart, that very cool retro-painted boatshed, and a busy carpark.  Its popularity is one of it’s main drawbacks from a “Wedding Photography Location” perspective, especially because it is home to one of the best playgrounds on Waiheke!  Families having picnics and noisy children are par for the course at this beach, known to locals as ‘Little O’.

Still, on the plus side, the bride gets to feed the dreams and aspirations of dozens of little girls who collectively sigh as she walks across the sand, delicately swinging her jeweled shoes from perfectly manicured nails.  The ring of “Ooh, mummy, look!  A princess!” has made many a brides day.

(images shot on a quiet winters morning).

Waiheke Beach Guide – Surfdale Beach

Just around the corner from Blackpool Beach, Surfdale is another beach with mixed charms.  Underfoot, it has patches of sand combined with shells and small rocks.  It’s central and has a playground close by, as well as a short row of large old pine trees which can provide some shelter from the heat if needed.  It’s another ‘less perfect’ beach location with areas of interest, including a few boats lined up.

Parts of Surfdale are like the shells and rocks below and other parts are quite sandy.

Local Tip: Surfdale Beach can be really windy sometimes… as in like, ‘forget-about-the-beautiful-hairdo-windy’, so make sure you’ve checked the wind direction before heading there. :)


Waiheke Beach Guide – Onetangi

Waiheke’s longest, sandiest beach, Onetangi is the destination for white sand and untouched blue horizons.  Opposite a cafe, restaurant, bar and several sources of accommodation including the Onetangi Beach Apartments and The Sands, Onetangi is a favourite not only for the ceremony/photo session but also for families to stay during their time on Waiheke.

(Taken at the annual Onetangi Beach Races, 2012)

Photographically, Onetangi Beach is a jewel in Waiheke crown although can be harsh and HOT enough to fry an egg on.  Lets just say that if you are planning a daytime beach wedding along Onetangi in the height of summer, the romantic idea of going barefoot should be reconsidered (although this is quite amusing for your guests!).

LOCAL TIP:  It’s not unknown for there to be more than one beach wedding along Onetangi on any given summer weekend so make sure you get planning permission.

Lovely even in winter… if it wasn’t for the woolly hat you wouldn’t even know!

Waiheke Beach Guide – Blackpool Beach

Continuing in the Waiheke Beach Guide series… Blackpool!

Blackpool is the kind of beach that we would explore with the kids when they were younger; gumboots on, jumping in puddles, searching for interesting rock and shells.  It’s not exactly ‘bridal’, more rough and ready but I like it all the same.  It’s not for everyone. 😉

The sea goes right out at low tide leaving lots of low puddles and interesting reflections.

LOCAL TIP:  Get the wind direction wrong and this beach can be devastating!

Waiheke Beaches – Oneroa

Waiheke is renown for having stunning beaches, and as I know it can be a little hard for international brides who are planning their weddings from afar, I thought I would do a little series on the beautiful beaches we have here on Waiheke Island.  A little local knowledge is a lovely thing!

Beginning with the popular Oneroa;

Close to several top class venues including, Mudbrick Vineyard, Cable Bay Vineyard, Delamore Lodge, and The Estate, Oneroa Beach is a great option if you are looking for soft sand to take off your high-heels and wriggle your toes in a little Waiheke goodness.  In summer there are usually a few boats in the bay, and it’s not too crowded if you know which areas to go to.

(example of the sand at Oneroa Beach)

LOCAL TIP: Avoid Sunday mornings… sailing school! (Learnt that one during a portrait shoot, luckily!!)