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NZIPP Conference Part 1: The Epson Iris Awards 2015

NZIPP judge

This year was my fifth year as a judge for the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers (NZIPP) at the Epson Iris Awards which is always both exciting and terrifying…  standing before that room of eager photographers and having to pass judgement on their art is both a personal and professional challenge for me.

People love you if you rate their photography highly, but send some pretty hefty eye-daggers and scathing under the breath comments if you don’t (I know, because I sat in the audience for some of the judging) … and more often than not, photographers (myself included I’ll happily admit) are so close to their own artistic creations that they think it should ALL receive gold awards, so either way you can’t really win!

It definitely does not make you feel like the most popular person at the party!

Add to that the fact that they are now streaming the judging process live (and available for playback) and this means that anything that you say ‘can and will be held against you’ by a facebook lynch mob!  (sigh).  Still, despite this feeling of having a bit of a target on my back, I love the process of the Iris Awards and felt really proud to be a judge again this year, sitting among some incredibly experienced and knowledgeable judges who are at the top of their fields in both Australia and NZ.  It’s always exciting to see new images that have been lovingly created by the entrants every year, and an absolute honour to be one the judging team.

Congrats to those of you who did well (*backslap!*) and to those that didn’t do as well as you hoped, be open to the potential of taking on the judges comments and improving your work, but also remember that all art is highly subjective and if you love your images regardless of the judges comments, then let that be enough for you.  Hold your awards results loosely. x

(apols for bad screenshot from video)

I entered the awards myself again, as I do every year.  I was over the moon to receive a Gold Award for an image (described by one judge as ‘provocative’) of a feather frozen in ice that looked more than a little bit like something else rather feminine!  Well, you’ve got to stir the pot sometimes, aye?  Keeps it interesting.


Gold Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Gold Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards


Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Silver Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Silver Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards


Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Bronze Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Silver Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

Silver Award, NZIPP Epson Iris Awards

It’s always so tricky to figure out which images and categories to enter … I went a bit more arty with the creative wedding category this year and indulged in my love of slow shutter speeds and movement, and must admit that I thought the judges would rate them a bit higher than they did.  Just goes to show that judges don’t always know what they are talking about, aye..? 😉

Thanks to my lovely clients Sal and Dan, Sarah and Kieran, Miwako and Masatomo, and Natalia and Marc, also the Taiohi Exhibition subjects and my beautiful friend Willow who allows me to torture her with my lens year after year after year.

Feel free to leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear your thoughts x

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Waiheke Island “Day After” Wedding Shoot with Sarah and Nooti

001_waiheke blog

Sarah and Nooti were married in Auckland the day before our photo shoot and came over to Waiheke to celebrate their first weekend as husband and wife in style. They enjoyed an amazing degustation lunch complete with matching wines at Mudbrick Vineyard before coming to me for a fun shoot celebrating their love for each other.

002_waiheke blog

003_waiheke blog

004_waiheke blog

005_waiheke blog

I took them on a guided tour of some of my favourite photo locations on Waiheke… always love indulging in these gorgeous “day after” shoots… it seems to me to be such a great way to get married in casual, relaxed fashion and still have amazing images to look back on and show off to the grandkids!

006_waiheke blog

007_waiheke blog

008_waiheke blog

009_waiheke blog

These two were such a lovely couple and I really enjoyed photographing them … Sarah was a bit worried that they would be uncomfortable in front of the camera, but after a Mudbrick degustation with matching wines… well, let’s just say that this was not a problem! 😀

010_waiheke blog

012_waiheke blog

013_waiheke blog

011_waiheke blog


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1+1=3: Patricia and Chris

Another lovely addition to my 1 + 1 = 3 series…. the stunning Trish from her wedding to Chris in 2010.



These two beautiful human beings produced this little guy!! What a cutie! x


See more from their wedding on Onetangi Beach HERE and HERE.  (Their reception was held at The Dunes, which is now called Venue Waiheke).

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Helen and Wayne featured in My Wedding Magazine

Helen and Wayne’s lovely wedding at The Goldie Room is featured in this winters’ edition of My Wedding Mag…. a few piccies below for your viewing pleasure x


Wedding at The Goldie Room

My Wedding Magazine

My wedding magazine

Helen at The Goldie Room Waiheke Island

See some images of this beautiful wedding in Helen and Wayne’s Queensberry wedding album HERE




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Poderi Crisci Wedding // Waiheke Island Wedding Photography

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_001

Craig and Mary were married a few weeks ago at stylish Waiheke wedding venue, Poderi Crisci, (which by the way recently took out the Best Destination Restaurant at the 2015 Metro Awards, congrats to Antonio and the team!).

The wedding wasn’t due to start until later in the day, so we spent some time before their ceremony capturing some beautiful portraits of Craig and Mary as they got ready for the occasion together at The Loft in Onetangi.

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_002

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_003

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_004

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_005

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_006

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_007

Mary had her hair done in Auckland by hairdresser Kerry Yaw from Exile Hair Design and make up by Charlotte Edwardes from Island Beauty.

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_008

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_009

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_010

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_011

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_012

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_013

Mary’s beautiful flowers were from Roses Florist in Mt Eden.

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_014

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_015

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_016

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_017

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_018

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_019

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_020

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_021

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_022

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_024

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_025

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_026

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_027

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_028

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_029

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_030

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_031

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_032

Following our photo session at The Loft, Lance and I set off for Poderi Crisci to capture some of the guests arriving and enjoying the gorgeous venue before our bride and groom arrived…

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_033

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_034

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_035

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_036

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_037

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_038

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_039

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_040

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_041

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_042

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_043

I love Lance’s shot above of these gorgeous sisters who were the ring bearers for the occasion.  This image is taken just before the ceremony and shows the girls getting ready for business!

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_044



poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_045

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_047

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_046


poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_048

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_049

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_050

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_051

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_052

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_053

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_054

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_055

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_056

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_057

One of Craig and Mary’s friends sang a song to the couple towards the end of the ceremony, which was a lovely touch.

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_058

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_059

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_060

The wedding reception was set up in the wine cellar and it looked amazing… one long table to seat their guests, with lots of candles adding to the golden atmosphere.  Later in the evening Craig and Mary had arranged for an opera singer to come and entertain.

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_061

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_062

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_063

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_064

Beautiful!  Such gorgeous light in the candlelit wine cellar, and a lovely environment to be photographing the happy couple in.  Wishing you much love and laughter in the years ahead Craig and Mary. x

poderi crisci wedding waiheke island_065

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Mudbrick Vineyard Wedding \\ Waiheke Wedding Photographer

001_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Well they do say that practice makes perfect and this was certainly the case when Amy married Paul recently at the wonderful Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant right here on Waiheke Island.  They were re-affirming their wedding vows, their original ceremony having taken place 6 weeks earlier in Australia due to some family members being unable to attend the New Zealand wedding celebrations.

Their day was relaxed, easy, and so so happy.  Full of laughter and some of the cutest kids you’ve ever seen …. Amy described the day as a ‘Family Party’ which are the perfect words to capture the vibe of their day.  Turns out that twice married (to the same person) definitely doubles the fun!

002_mudbrick vineyard wedding

003_mudbrick vineyard wedding

004_mudbrick vineyard wedding

005_mudbrick vineyard wedding

006_mudbrick vineyard wedding

007_mudbrick vineyard wedding

008_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Mudbrick Vineyard

010_mudbrick vineyard wedding

011_mudbrick vineyard wedding

012_mudbrick vineyard wedding

013_mudbrick vineyard wedding

014_mudbrick vineyard wedding

015_mudbrick vineyard wedding

016_mudbrick vineyard wedding

017_mudbrick vineyard wedding

018_mudbrick vineyard wedding

019_mudbrick vineyard wedding

021_mudbrick vineyard wedding

022_mudbrick vineyard wedding

023_mudbrick vineyard wedding

024_mudbrick vineyard wedding

025_mudbrick vineyard wedding

026_mudbrick vineyard wedding

026a_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Our flowergirl got a little distracted on the way when she saw all the guests but was coaxed up the aisle by her dad … so cute!

027_mudbrick vineyard wedding

028_mudbrick vineyard wedding

029_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Amy’s dad was unable to attend the NZ celebrations so she was walked down the aisle by her two nephews, looking very dapper in waistcoats and ties.

030_mudbrick vineyard wedding

031_mudbrick vineyard wedding

032_mudbrick vineyard wedding

033_mudbrick vineyard wedding

The ceremony was officiated by one of Waiheke’s most popular celebrants Irene Armstrong.

034_mudbrick vineyard wedding

035_mudbrick vineyard wedding

036_mudbrick vineyard wedding

037_mudbrick vineyard wedding

038_mudbrick vineyard wedding

039_mudbrick vineyard wedding
Little cutie!!

040_mudbrick vineyard wedding

041_mudbrick vineyard wedding

042_mudbrick vineyard wedding

043_mudbrick vineyard wedding

044_mudbrick vineyard wedding

045_mudbrick vineyard wedding

046_mudbrick vineyard wedding

047_mudbrick vineyard wedding
Phew! Love this expression from Amy following the conclusion of the ceremony! 😀

048_mudbrick vineyard wedding

049_mudbrick vineyard wedding

050_mudbrick vineyard wedding

051_mudbrick vineyard wedding

052_mudbrick vineyard wedding

053_mudbrick vineyard wedding

054_mudbrick vineyard wedding

055_mudbrick vineyard wedding

056_mudbrick vineyard wedding

058_mudbrick vineyard wedding

059_mudbrick vineyard wedding

060_mudbrick vineyard wedding

061_mudbrick vineyard wedding

062_mudbrick vineyard wedding

063_mudbrick vineyard wedding

064_mudbrick vineyard wedding

066_mudbrick vineyard wedding
The siblings photo!

067_mudbrick vineyard wedding

068_mudbrick vineyard wedding

065_mudbrick vineyard wedding

The girls’ gorgeous natural make up was the work Amy Crawford from The Beauty Spot Waiheke

069_mudbrick vineyard wedding

070_mudbrick vineyard wedding

071_mudbrick vineyard wedding

072_mudbrick vineyard wedding

073_mudbrick vineyard wedding

074_mudbrick vineyard wedding

075_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Below, the boys plan their moves on our unsuspecting bride…

076_mudbrick vineyard wedding

077_mudbrick vineyard wedding

078_mudbrick vineyard wedding

… while the girls figure out their next move!

079_mudbrick vineyard wedding

080_mudbrick vineyard wedding

The beautiful hairstyles were the handiwork of Jules Arlove from Hair on Waiheke.

081_mudbrick vineyard wedding

082_mudbrick vineyard wedding

083_mudbrick vineyard wedding

084_mudbrick vineyard wedding

085_mudbrick vineyard wedding

086_mudbrick vineyard wedding

087_mudbrick vineyard wedding

088_mudbrick vineyard wedding

A bright, fresh and beautiful bouquet from Wildflower Waiheke … Amy was such a relaxed bride that she just left the design and flower choice completely up to Vicki… I’d say she nailed it!!

089_mudbrick vineyard wedding

090_mudbrick vineyard wedding

091_mudbrick vineyard wedding

092_mudbrick vineyard wedding

093_mudbrick vineyard wedding

094_mudbrick vineyard wedding

095_mudbrick vineyard wedding

096_mudbrick vineyard wedding

We were fortunate after a heavily overcast day to get a spectacular sunset which brought out all the iphones!

097_mudbrick vineyard wedding

098_mudbrick vineyard wedding

099_mudbrick vineyard wedding

100_mudbrick vineyard wedding

101_mudbrick vineyard wedding

102_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Love these!!  Such gorgeous light.

103_mudbrick vineyard wedding

104_mudbrick vineyard wedding

105_mudbrick vineyard wedding

Thumbs up indeed!  Thanks Amy and Paul for an amazing day … we thoroughly enjoyed capturing your gorgeous wedding party celebrations and wish you a lifetime of happiness. x

Please feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below (always nice to share your good wishes).  And head over to facebook and like my Emma Hughes Photography page to keep up with all the wedding goodness…

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