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So excited to share the beautiful wedding of Catherine and Stefan with the cybersphere… full blogpost from this gorgeous recent Waiheke Island wedding coming on Monday!   Have a great weekend x

beautiful waiheke island wedding

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Amanda and Sare’s wedding at Passage Rock Vineyard on Waiheke Island

001_passage rock wedding

I feel blessed in my job as a wedding photographer to be able to cross paths with many fabulous people.  Not only fabulous people, but fabulous people who are having the time of their lives celebrating all that is good in their world.  Definite perk of the job!

Two such gorgeous people are Amanda and Sare who journeyed from the mighty Oz to party on down with their nearest and dearest at the wonderful Passage Rock Vineyard.

002_passage rock wedding

003_passage rock wedding

004_passage rock wedding

005_passage rock wedding

006_passage rock wedding

007_passage rock wedding

Fleeting though my acquaintance with them had been, I could tell within seconds that Amanda and Sare were NOT going to have a traditional Waiheke Island wedding!  Kicking off as they meant to carry on, they entered their wedding ceremony to the strains of a traditional instrumental wedding march which morphed into Groove Armada’s ‘I See You Baby’, shaking that asssssss, shaking that asssss!  So good.

008_passage rock wedding

009_passage rock wedding

010_passage rock wedding

011_passage rock wedding

012_passage rock wedding

Celebrant Jules Fuller did an excellent job of the ceremony which had many lovely touches including a ring blessing, wine ceremony and an American Indian smudging ceremony performed by Amanda’s sister…

013_passage rock wedding

014_passage rock wedding

015_passage rock wedding

016_passage rock wedding

017_passage rock wedding

018_passage rock wedding

019_passage rock wedding

020_passage rock wedding

021_passage rock wedding

022_passage rock wedding

023_passage rock wedding
Love this!

024_passage rock wedding

025_passage rock wedding

026_passage rock wedding

027_passage rock wedding

028_passage rock wedding

029_passage rock wedding

030_passage rock wedding

031_passage rock wedding

032_passage rock wedding

033_passage rock wedding

034_passage rock wedding

035_passage rock wedding

036_passage rock wedding

037_passage rock wedding

038_passage rock wedding

039_passage rock wedding

040_passage rock wedding
In retrospect I think I set the pace for this GIF a bit fast!! :-O  (Sorry… is anyone feeling a bit stressed out!?)

041_passage rock wedding

042_passage rock wedding

We spent some time shooting around Passage Rock’s gorgeous environment before heading out to explore further afield.

043_passage rock wedding

044_passage rock wedding

045_passage rock wedding

046_passage rock wedding

047_passage rock wedding

Amanda is a photographer herself so we played around with a camera as a prop which was a good laugh!

048_passage rock wedding

049_passage rock wedding

050_passage rock wedding

051_passage rock wedding

052_passage rock wedding

Such a fun bridal party to shoot with … laughter and silliness was definitely the order of the day!

053_passage rock wedding

054_passage rock wedding

055_passage rock wedding

056_passage rock wedding

057_passage rock wedding
ahhhh, Waiheke you beautiful thing.

059_passage rock wedding

I don’t normally include ‘behind the scenes’ shots but I feel like I’m on safari in this one so I reckon it’s kinda cool! (Thanks Lance).

060_passage rock wedding

061_passage rock wedding

062_passage rock wedding

Never a dull moment with these two!

063_passage rock wedding

064_passage rock wedding

065_passage rock wedding

066_passage rock wedding

067_passage rock wedding

Beautiful roses from Vicky at Wildflower Waiheke

068_passage rock wedding
Love this shot above of Lance’s

069_passage rock wedding

Thanks Amanda and Sare for your general awesome-ness and bringing some of it over here to Waiheke.  Wishing you a beautiful future full of love and laughter xx

Please feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below.  And head over to facebook and like my Emma Hughes Photography page to keep up with all the Waiheke wedding goodness…

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Cable Bay Wedding Photographer { Waiheke Island Wedding }

040_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

I knew I was in for a great wedding day with these two when I asked Mat at our pre-wedding meeting what he did for a living… his answer; I make popcorn.  Hmmm, I was intriqued!  Turns out ‘I make popcorn’ means that he established Kings Road Gourmet Popcorn in the UK, which grew from a food market stall on a Saturday to a premium brand stocked across London and the UK.  In fact, Mat actually proposed to Ebeny through an article that The Telegraph wrote on his company.  So of course we had to work popcorn into the wedding day somehow!

The boys decided to have a casual start to the day down at Little Oneroa for a dip…

001_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

002_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

003_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

004_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

005_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

006_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

007_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

The girls got ready for the day at Enclosure Bay, a gorgeous accommodation venue on Waiheke with some pretty epic views.  I loved Ebeny’s elegant style (as especially adored the cute monkey clip on her handbag).

008_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

009_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

010_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
Disclaimer: This photo is the antithesis of Ebeny’s refined style!

011_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Ebeny’s delightful flower girl was captivated by all the beautiful shoes … definitely heading for a future shoe obsession!!

012_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

013_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

014_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

015_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

016_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

017_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
That’s no way to behave around a pair of Jimmy Choos, young lady! 😉

018_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

019_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

020_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

021_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Make up by Auckland MUA Heather Vette and Hair by local Waiheke hairdresser Jules Arlove from Hair on Waiheke

022_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

023_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

024_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

025_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

026_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Flowers by Virginia Thompson from Flower Gallery

Ebeny and Mat decided to do their wedding photos before the ceremony which is always a great idea as it takes all the time pressure out of the post ceremony part of your wedding day… I set up their first look moment in one of my favourite pretty lanes on Waiheke.

027_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

028_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
Ebeny having a sneaky look at her man!

029_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

030_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

031_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

032_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

033_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

034_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

035_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Love all these shots, so gorgeous!

036_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

037_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

038_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

039_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

041_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

042_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
Thanks Pinterest for the shoe idea! (Wish I had thought of it!)

043_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

044_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

045_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

gorgeous girls and handsome guys!

046_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

047_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Here come the ‘banged grains’…

048_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

049_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

050_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

051_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

052_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

053_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

054_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

055_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

056_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

057_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

And then all too soon it was time to get to the wonderful Cable Bay Vineyards for the wedding to begin!

058_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

059_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
love Lance’s shot of Mat’s best man with the rings.

060_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

062_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

061_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

063_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

064_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

065_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

066_cable bay waiheke wedding photos
Ebeny’s Dad give a casual thumbs up as he escorts his beautiful daughter down the aisle

067_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

068_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

069_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

070_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

071_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

072_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

073_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

074_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

075_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

076_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

077_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Canapes were served to the guests as they enjoyed the open loveliness of the Cable Bay lawn on what could only be described as a perfect summer’s day.

078_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

079_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

080_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

One of my faves above …  even netted, the Cable Bay vines look incredible!

081_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

082_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

083_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

084_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

085_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

086_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

087_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

088_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

089_cable bay waiheke wedding photos

Thank you so much Ebeny and Mat for inviting us to photograph your beautiful wedding.  We loved being part of your day. xx

Please feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below (always nice to share your good wishes).  And head over to FB and like my Emma Hughes Photography page to keep up with all the Waiheke wedding goodness…

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1 + 1 = 3

I thought I would interrupt all these gorgeous 2015 summer weddings on Waiheke by introducing a new blog segment I have been planning for ages: 1 + 1 = 3?  What?!  That’s right, you heard correctly; one plus one really does equal three when two beautiful people meet, fall in love, get married and … make babies!!!

Quite often my brides and grooms come back to me a year or two (or three or four) after their wedding day to capture portraits of their growing family and I LOVE seeing what my couples have ‘made’!  And now you can too…

The beautiful Renu…


combined with the handsome Vinay


equals… the scrumptious Shaan!!


I hope you enjoy this new blog segment as much as I do!!  You can see more photos from Renu and Vinay’s 2012 Cable Bay wedding HERE

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Natalia and Marc’s gorgeous elopement wedding at Delamore Lodge…

Ooooh, I LOVE these little get-away weddings!  Especially when they are at the wonderful Delamore Lodge, one of Waiheke’s elite accommodation venues (recently in our local paper for it’s incredible infinity pool … check out the interview HERE).

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_001

Marc and Natalia hail from Seattle but with so many of their friends and family from different parts of the world they decided to elope to Waiheke Island and combine their wedding with a fabulous honeymoon while they were at it.  Smart cookies.

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_002

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_003

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_004

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_005

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_006

Now because it was an elopement, this put Marc in the role of chief bridesmaid when it came to wedding dress duties… and there was a lot of lacing up to be done!  He nailed it, just in case you were wondering.

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_007

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_008

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_009

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_010

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_011

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_013

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_014

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_012

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_015

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_016

Wowsers!!  I’m sure you can see why Delamore is such a highly regarded venue without too much trouble!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_017

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_018

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_019

Simple and loving vows… it was such a beautiful ceremony. x

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_020

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_021

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_022

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_023

Love these two photos above together, it really shows the depth of love and sweetness between them.

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_024

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_025

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_026

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_027


Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_028

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_029

Natalia and Marc had arranged a wedding cake from Food with Flair to share with their witnesses (the lovely Roselyn from Delamore Lodge and myself acted as witnesses to the occasion) and celebrant Rosemareyn van der Sluis.  Yum!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_030

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_031

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_032

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_033

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_034

Love the dress!  Make up by Charlotte Edwardes from Island Beauty, flowers by Virginia at Flower Gallery

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_035

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_036

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_037

There are so many incredible places to shoot at Delamore Lodge … talk about being spoiled for choice!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_038

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_039

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_040

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_041

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_042
The Jimmy Choo shoes were a hit!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_043

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_044

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_045

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_046

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_047

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_048

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_049

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_050

Following some photography at Delamore Lodge we headed off around the island to explore some of Waiheke’s picturesque locations… and found some grasses that Natalia had a little rest in as well as some pretty epic coastal areas.

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_051

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_052

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_053

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_054

Such a great dress!!!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_055

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_056

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_057

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_058

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_059

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_060

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_061

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_062
Following down a pathway I couldn’t help but do a bit of slow motion shooting…  this is certainly non-traditional wedding photography but totally my thing and I love it!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_063

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_064

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_065

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_066

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_067

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_068

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_069

Natalia is a salsa dancer and it turns out is a much more accomplished jumper than Marc.

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_070

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_071

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_072

She’s fast too!

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_073

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_074

Arriving back at Delamore Lodge Natalia decided a bit of a dip was in order … I love an adventurous bride. 😉

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_075

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_076

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_077

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_078

Delamore Lodge Waiheke Island Wedding_079

I’m sure you will be pleased to know that the dress survived the swim!

Thanks Natalia and Marc for inviting me to capture your fun, happy, laid back and adventurous Waiheke Wedding day!  (And for bringing me some Seattle Chocolates all the way from your home… They. Are. Gooooood! x).

Please feel free to leave a comment for the happy couple below (always nice to share your good wishes).  And don’t forget to like my Emma Hughes Photography page on FB to keep up with the wedding goodness…

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Gemma and Jeremy ‘s beautiful Cable Bay Wedding Day!

It really has been a summer of the most beautiful weddings on Waiheke this year.  Gemma and Jeremy’s wedding at Cable Bay was no exception and with gorgeous gentle lighting from the ‘softbox sky’ I felt like one very lucky photographer indeed to be capturing this perfect wedding day!

Cable Bay Vineyard waiheke

Jeremy and the lads were chilling out at their superb accommodation venue overlooking Onetangi Beach when we arrived, settling into the easy-going vibe of the day…

005_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

002_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

003_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

004_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

006_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

007_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

008_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

009_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

010_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

011_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

012_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

013_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke
Lovin’ the jandals, boys! :)

The girls were equally chilled and happy at the wonderful Matiatia Bay where they were being attended to by Amelia Rush from Boutique Bride (Hair) and  Christina Dellar from Freckles and Blush (make up).

014_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

015_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

016_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

017_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

018_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

019_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

Vicky from Wildflower Waiheke was responsible for the beautiful flowers on Gemma’s wedding day

020_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

021_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

022_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

023_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

Gemma had allowed heaps of time in the getting ready stages which is always a great idea… it meant we had time to capture some fun candid moments as well as some portraits around the beautiful grounds of Matiatia Bay.

024_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

025_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

026_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke
Boom! Such a stunner!

027_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

028_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

029_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

030_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

032_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

033_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

034_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

035_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

036_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

037_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

038_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

039_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

And then it was time to leave for the ceremony at Cable Bay Vineyards…

040_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

041_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

042_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

The weather was looking a touch inclement but Liz the Cable Bay weddings manager was onsite and confident it would hold … and she was absolutely right! (phew)

043_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

044_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

045_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

046_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

047_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

048_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

049_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

050_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

051_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

052_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke
Love these reaction shots of Jeremy as he sees his beautiful bride!!

053_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

054_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

055_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

056_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

057_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

058_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

059_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

060_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

061_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

062_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

063_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

064_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

065_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

066_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

067_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

068_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

069_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

070_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

071_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

The reception was all set up and awaiting the guests as we spent a few extra moments with Gemma, Jeremy and their fun bridal party shooting around the gorgeous Cable Bay grounds and wine cellar.

072_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

073_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

074_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

076_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

075_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

077_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke
Yep Jeremy, I think we will go that way!


081_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

Cable Bay Vineyard waiheke wine cellar

The Cable Bay wine library and cellar is such a great space to shoot in (and sooooo nice and cool on a hot day!)

083_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

084_cable bay vineyard wedding on waiheke

I thought I’d end with the happy couple’s photo idea to do a Soprano’s promo shot underneath the chandelier in the wine library … funny!

Thanks Gemma and Jeremy for inviting us to photograph your fabulous wedding day… we had a blast! x

If you have enjoyed looking at Gemma and Jeremy’s wedding photos, please let them know in the comments box below (they’ll appreciate it!).  And feel free to head on over and like my Emma Hughes Photography page  on Facebook to keep up to date with all my latest work.

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