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    Image thanks to Lenka Tengblad (Thanks Lenka!)

I’ve got to admit that the weather was a hot topic of conversation in the lead up to Ashley and Jeremy’s wedding day… it was forecasting heavy rain and with hopes for a beach ceremony on Onetangi Beach, this was a bit of a concern.  As it turns out we did have some rain (and it was heavy!) but luckily it stopped in enough time to go ahead with not only a ceremony on the beach but also our pre-wedding first look and photo session.  Phew!

waiheke-island-wedding_001Jeremy and his boys got ready for the day at a holiday home along Onetangi beach called Beach Front Bliss… we had a great time with them mucking around on the beach before the rain began to fall…

waiheke-island-wedding_002waiheke-island-wedding_003waiheke-island-wedding_004waiheke-island-wedding_005waiheke-island-wedding_006waiheke-island-wedding_007waiheke-island-wedding_008waiheke-island-wedding_009Just in case you missed the superman moment…

waiheke-island-wedding_010waiheke-island-wedding_011waiheke-island-wedding_012waiheke-island-wedding_013waiheke-island-wedding_014Ashley and her girls had rented a holiday home along 3rd Ave, also in Onetangi.  Friends and family played a huge part in this beautiful wedding and Ashley was lucky to have her Aunt Vicky who is a hairstylist in Wellington working her magic, as well as another Aunty creating the amazing bouquets that she and the girls carried.  Auckland make up artist Kaz did Ashley’s make up for the day.

waiheke-island-wedding_015waiheke-island-wedding_016waiheke-island-wedding_017waiheke-island-wedding_018waiheke-island-wedding_019waiheke-island-wedding_020waiheke-island-wedding_021waiheke-island-wedding_022waiheke-island-wedding_023waiheke-island-wedding_024waiheke-island-wedding_025waiheke-island-wedding_026waiheke-island-wedding_027waiheke-island-wedding_028waiheke-island-wedding_029waiheke-island-wedding_030waiheke-island-wedding_031Our initial attempt at a first look had to be delayed due to rain but we waited it out in the cars for few minutes to see what it would do and breathed a sigh of relief when the weather lifted…  and so I bring you, First Look, Take Two:

waiheke-island-wedding_032waiheke-island-wedding_033waiheke-island-wedding_034waiheke-island-wedding_035waiheke-island-wedding_036waiheke-island-wedding_037Such a beautiful moment x

waiheke-island-wedding_038waiheke-island-wedding_039waiheke-island-wedding_040waiheke-island-wedding_041waiheke-island-wedding_042waiheke-island-wedding_043waiheke-island-wedding_044waiheke-island-wedding_045waiheke-island-wedding_046waiheke-island-wedding_047Such a little cutie!

waiheke-island-wedding_048waiheke-island-wedding_049waiheke-island-wedding_050waiheke-island-wedding_051waiheke-island-wedding_052waiheke-island-wedding_053waiheke-island-wedding_054waiheke-island-wedding_055Meanwhile, sunshine and blue skies were starting to show up as family and friends readied the ceremony site.

waiheke-island-wedding_056waiheke-island-wedding_057waiheke-island-wedding_058waiheke-island-wedding_059waiheke-island-wedding_060waiheke-island-wedding_061Jeremy and Ashley’s reception was being held at The Venue, a hop, skip and a jump away from Onetangi Beach… I loved their fresh colour scheme of white and yellow.

waiheke-island-wedding_062waiheke-island-wedding_063waiheke-island-wedding_064waiheke-island-wedding_065ashley001waiheke-island-wedding_068And then it was ‘go time!’

waiheke-island-wedding_069waiheke-island-wedding_070waiheke-island-wedding_071waiheke-island-wedding_072waiheke-island-wedding_073waiheke-island-wedding_074waiheke-island-wedding_075waiheke-island-wedding_076waiheke-island-wedding_078waiheke-island-wedding_079waiheke-island-wedding_080waiheke-island-wedding_082Love the expressions in the above photo, such a cute look.

waiheke-island-wedding_083waiheke-island-wedding_084waiheke-island-wedding_085waiheke-island-wedding_086waiheke-island-wedding_087waiheke-island-wedding_088waiheke-island-wedding_090waiheke-island-wedding_089waiheke-island-wedding_091waiheke-island-wedding_092waiheke-island-wedding_093waiheke-island-wedding_094waiheke-island-wedding_095Thanks for inviting us to capture your beautiful wedding Jeremy and Ashley… I hope you enjoy this selection of images from the day. 🙂


Welcome to the lovely wedding of Demelza and Jeremy… a day that can be best described as beautiful, emotional and absolutely infused with love and happiness.

There were a few little poppets involved in the day which always makes a wedding day a lively and fun affair.  Demelza and Jeremy’s own sons Jasper and Jack were total superstars, actually all the children were superstars and the day went off without a hitch… Even the family dog Max, the softest Cavoodle in the world, put in an appearance!

The girls were getting ready for the day at The Onetangi Beach Apartments where it was all go!  Demelza’s beautiful gown was purchased from US bridal shop David’s Bridal.  Her hair was done by her friend Angela from Coco Hair Studio in Auckland and her make up was the handiwork of Charlotte at Island Beauty.

Just checking it all out!

We headed to Palm Beach where Demelza and Jeremy had chosen to see each other for the first time…

Love this sequence above!

Demelza’s simple and fresh looking bouquet was created by Virginia at Flower Gallery

A little behind the scenes of me instructing the bridal party for an A-mazing “boy band” shot that was received with good humour! 😀

We had scheduled in time to take a few of the family photo combinations before the ceremony and I just love these images as Demelza’s boys saw her in her gown for the first time…

The ceremony was held at The Venue in Onetangi which looked fabulous all decked out in white and gold.

A lot of the photos on display in frames were taken by Demelza’s sister in law Erin who is a talented wedding photographer based in America.

Almost time to start the ceremony… very exciting!!

The flower girls and pageboys were siblings and it was so cute when one of the little boys decided that he mustn’t walk on any of the flowers and picked his way through the path to the amusement of the crowd.

The fabulous Irene Armstrong did a beautiful job officiating the ceremony as always.

During the signing of the register the magnitude of the day all came home for Jasper who found himself in need of a good cuddle from his mum xx

Following the ceremony there were drinkies and nibbles as everyone just relaxed and enjoyed themselves… I got the feeling that it was going to be a VERY good night had by all!!

Thanks Demelza and Jeremy for inviting us to capture your wedding day… hope you are enjoying being Mr & Mrs, and wish you all the very best for your beautiful future together xx

  • Irene Armstrong - Viewing your photos is always a pleasure Emma you give something unique and very special to each of your wedding couples, memories they can cherish forever.ReplyCancel

  • Irene Armstrong - Viewing your photos is always a pleasure Emma you give something unique and very special to each of your wedding couples, memories they can cherish forever.ReplyCancel

  • Glen Maguire - Beautiful venue, beautiful photos, and what a beautiful little dog! Haha.ReplyCancel


Such a lovely wedding to share with you today, the fabulous day of Natalie and Chris… complete with much laughter, beautiful friends and family, and insane amounts of gorgeousness!

The blokes were a hoot and such a great start to our shooting day as Lance and I captured their relaxed camaraderie in the lead up to the ceremony.

The girls were all at Villa Pacifica in the expert hands of the lovely Christina Dellar from Freckles & Blush, and Auckland-based hairdresser Jane O’Hare.  Nat had a great group of bridesmaids who kept the atmosphere fun and stress-free.

I love this series of images of Nat’s mum when she checked out her hair and make up in the mirror for the first time…

Loving these shots of Nat beneath her veil … her eyes are absolutely amazing!

Beautiful flowers from Wildflower Waiheke

This above shot is one of my fave images from the day, I just love it! (shot in the reflection of a cross on the wall)

The Stonyridge Vineyard reception area was styled by One Lovely Day and looked absolutely gorgeous…SO much laughter and happiness on Nat and Chris’ wedding day – was such a pleasure to photograph xNot sure what was said here but I’m sure it was something special…The back of Nat’s Jane Yeh dress was so beautiful.Loving those amazing old pohutukawas!We were racing against the clock but there’s always more time for a few more shots with the bridal party…  such a laugh!And I think that’s a pretty good place to finish!!!  Thanks Nat and Chris… we really enjoyed capturing all the fun and happiness of your beautiful wedding day … hope you enjoy this little preview.  xx

  • Natalie - Wow wow wow!! These pics are just incredible, you have done such an amazing job! We love them so much! Thank you so much, we ant stop looking at them! You and Lance were just so great to work with, we are just so lucky we had you capture our day! XxReplyCancel


I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely little elopement wedding of Glesni and Neil recently at Delamore Lodge … we had a bit of a rainy day but this did not deter my fabulous bride and groom who were still happy to get out in the elements and have a bit of fun!

Something blue!

After a few photos around Delamore, we popped out to brave the elements (and the seagulls!) down at the beach…

Thanks for inviting me to capture your special day Glesni and Neil – I hope you are enjoying your New Zealand honeymoon! 🙂

  • Ann Roberts - Beautiful photos of Neil and Glesni’s very special dayReplyCancel

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