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    Image thanks to Lenka Tengblad (Thanks Lenka!)

I often feel that I can tell a lot about my couples by the friends and family they surround themselves with… and if this is the case then it stands to reason that Sarah and Pete are the most lovely, fun, friendly and downright awesome people in the world!

They had their beautiful Waiheke wedding at The Goldie Room, one of Waiheke’s finest vineyard venues on a perfect sunny day on the last weekend of summer.

I have loads of images to share so grab a cuppa and get comfy for a preview of Sarah and Pete’s big day…

Sarah and the girls were getting ready for the day at The Point in Burrell Road.  They had booked  Sarah Knight to come and work her fabulous hair and make-up magic, and had enjoyed a nice relaxed morning together.

Sarah had some beautiful opal earring from one of her grandmothers to wear for the occasion, which was a perfect companion to her stunning Pronovias wedding gown.

I love this next sequence of images as her Mum and Dad see Sarah in her gown for the first time xx

Next stop, Te Toki Reserve where Pete was patiently waiting to see his stunning bride…


Beautiful bouquets by Vicki at Wildflower Waiheke

Wedding at The Goldie Room-Waiheke-Island_045

We made a quick stop at Little Oneroa beach before heading to The Goldie Room for the ceremony…


Friends and family had played a big part in making Sarah and Pete’s wedding look amazing with the reception tables being decorated by Sarah’s uncle (using flowers provided by Emma at Waiheke Flower Co) and their yummy cake being made by her talented sister in law Nicola.


The ceremony went off without a hitch under the care of celebrant Julia Fuller.Pure joy right there!!!  I love love love this shot!

Loads of fun was had at the reception with a colossal Jenga tower causing many laughs through out the night…

… Sarah and Pete had also provided polaroids of ‘historical photo moments’ with each and every guest which was a source of much hilarity.

We stole away for a few moments in the vines before the last of the light left the sky.

From thereon in it was more of all the good things in life; touching speeches by family and friends, yummy cakes and desserts (that salted caramel cheesecake was divine!!), exuberant dancing, trumpets (!), not to mention the singalongs (gotta confess I’m still having a hard time getting good ol’ Johnny Farnham out of my head… “You’re the VOICE, try and understand it, make a noise and make it CLEEEEEEEEAAARRRRR…”).  😀

Thanks Sarah and Pete… it was a pleasure and privilege to capture your amazing wedding!  Enjoy xx

  • kate - Beautiful photos, you’ve captured the spirit of the wedding so well. It was an amazing, fun day!ReplyCancel


One of my favourite weddings from last season, I hope you enjoy this little selection from Nick and Sarah’s gorgeous album. xx

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_001

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_002

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_003

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_004

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_005

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_006

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_007

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_008

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_009

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_010

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_011

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_012

Wedding Album Queensberry New Zealand_013

Album Style: 14×10″ Queensberry Storybook Style + four additional 10×7″ parent albums
Album Cover: Black Buckram, with their name’s embossed

You can see more photos from this beautiful wedding HERE.

  • Sarah - Thank you again Emma for these amazing albums that we get to share with our parents. So happy with how everything came out. We will treasure them for a lifetimeReplyCancel


Ooooh, it’s nearly 2016!!  I love this time of year, looking through the images I have taken form the year that has just been and choosing a few to share as my faves… this year it’s a bit of a mix of wedding moments and some of my personal shooting with one or two of my kiddos thrown in there for good measure!  Thanks for coming along for the ride x

EHP_2015 faves_001EHP_2015 faves_002EHP_2015 faves_003EHP_2015 faves_004EHP_2015 faves_005EHP_2015 faves_006EHP_2015 faves_007EHP_2015 faves_008EHP_2015 faves_009EHP_2015 faves_010

EHP_2015 faves_012EHP_2015 faves_013EHP_2015 faves_014EHP_2015 faves_015EHP_2015 faves_016

EHP_2015 faves_018EHP_2015 faves_019

EHP_2015 faves_021EHP_2015 faves_022EHP_2015 faves_023EHP_2015 faves_024EHP_2015 faves_025EHP_2015 faves_026EHP_2015 faves_027EHP_2015 faves_028EHP_2015 faves_029EHP_2015 faves_030EHP_2015 faves_031EHP_2015 faves_032EHP_2015 faves_033EHP_2015 faves_034EHP_2015 faves_035EHP_2015 faves_036EHP_2015 faves_037EHP_2015 faves_038EHP_2015 faves_039EHP_2015 faves_040EHP_2015 faves_041EHP_2015 faves_042EHP_2015 faves_043EHP_2015 faves_044EHP_2015 faves_045

EHP_2015 faves_047EHP_2015 faves_048EHP_2015 faves_049EHP_2015 faves_050EHP_2015 faves_051EHP_2015 faves_052EHP_2015 faves_053EHP_2015 faves_054EHP_2015 faves_055EHP_2015 faves_056EHP_2015 faves_057EHP_2015 faves_058EHP_2015 faves_059EHP_2015 faves_060EHP_2015 faves_061EHP_2015 faves_062EHP_2015 faves_063EHP_2015 faves_064EHP_2015 faves_065EHP_2015 faves_066EHP_2015 faves_067EHP_2015 faves_068Emma Hughes

Happy New Year Everyone!  Hope your 2016 is everything you hope for… 😀

  • Mercia - Daniel and Amy – wedding in November – the pictures are all so beautiful. Thanks for that “special ” photo of Daniel when he said he’s I do’s.
    Thanks all the pictures – we just can’t stop looking…ReplyCancel

    • Emma Hughes - A pleasure Mercia… So lovely to capture Amy and Daniel’s special day. Thank you for your comment :)ReplyCancel