Coming after the weekend…

Stay tuned for the lovely wedding of Sophie and Tim, coming your way on Monday!

Tim and Sophie at Little Oneroa. Waiheke Island

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Starting the year with a bang!

One of my images which scored a Gold at last year’s New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) Iris Awards and helped place me as a finalist in the Illustrative Category has been selected as part of the submission to represent New Zealand in the 2015 World Photographic Cup!

Gold Award_NZIPP Epson Iris Awards 2014

Yippie! My image will stand alongside the work of some amazing New Zealand photographers including last year’s NZIPP Photographer of the Year Richard Wood, media darling Holly Spring, fellow Waiheke photographer Blair Quax and awesome wedding shooters Jake Thomas and Jason Naylor (and that’s just to name a few!).

This year there are 27 countries vying for the title so it’s pretty exciting! Cross your fingers for our NZ submission x

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Thanks 2014… you’ve been a blast!

What a year that was!  Big changes for us with the new studio in Oneroa and settling into a new pattern of family and work balance … lots of laughs…  a few tears…  both my beautiful children hit double digits (eeeeek!) … a new family member (puppy).  Here are just a few of the many images that have made me happy over the past 12 months.  #feelingblessed

























illustrative category printed through tawa imaging, print ready service





illustrative category printed through tawa imaging, print ready service





illustrative category printed through tawa imaging, print ready service




landscape category printed through tawa imaging, print ready service
















Thanks to all my wonderful clients and those that made 2014 fabulous. :)  See ya in 2015!!

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Merry Christmas!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Christmas day and that Santa has been good to you… x


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Helen and Wayne’s wedding album…

A few images from Helen and Wayne’s gorgeous wedding at the fabulous Goldie Room for your viewing pleasure… x

001_helen and wayne

002_helen and wayne

004_helen and wayne

003_helen and wayne

005_helen and wayne

006_helen and wayne

008_helen and wayne

007_helen and wayne

009_helen and wayne

010_helen and wayne

011_helen and wayne

012_helen and wayne

Loved shooting this wedding!! Such a fun couple and bridal party, and A-Mazing light at the end of the day x

Queensberry Wedding Album:
COVER: Black buckram linen cover with photo inset
STYLE: Matted Album
PAGE: White

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Malinda and Farid’s wedding day!

001_farid and malinda

Malinda and Farid got married at The Estate in Church Bay, one of my favourite venues on Waiheke.  They had an amazing day, surrounded by family and friends who had traveled far and wide to attend their special day.

Farid got ready with his family at a gorgeous bed and breakfast called Enclosure Bay which had epic views overlooking … you guessed it, Enclosure Bay!

enclosure bay

002_farid and malinda

003_farid and malinda

004_farid and malinda

005_farid and malinda

006_farid and malinda

007_farid and malinda

008_farid and malinda

009_farid and malinda

Meanwhile, at Outstanding in Oneroa, another of Waiheke’s fabulous accommodation places, Malinda was happily being pampered by the ever lovely Jules from Hair on Waiheke and Amy Crawford from The Beauty Spot, who is newly (ish) arrived on the island, and a wonderful addition to Waiheke’s make up experts!

010_farid and malinda

011_farid and malinda

012_farid and malinda

013_farid and malinda

014_farid and malinda

016_farid and malinda

017_farid and malinda

015_farid and malinda

018_farid and malinda

Love this moment as Malinda’s dad sees her in her dress for the first time

019_farid and malinda

020_farid and malinda

021_farid and malinda

023_farid and malinda

022_farid and malinda

024_farid and malinda
Wish I could claim credit for this great photo of Lance’s, taken as Malinda watched her bridesmaids getting their photographs…

025_farid and malinda

026_farid and malinda

Love these photos above and below, some of my faves taken with my trusty lensbaby as Malinda prepared to leave for the ceremony at The Estate

027_farid and malinda

028_farid and malinda

029_farid and malinda

030_farid and malinda

031_farid and malinda

032_farid and malinda

033_farid and malinda
Yep, Farid is ready to go!

034_farid and malinda

035_farid and malinda

036_farid and malinda

037_farid and malinda

038_farid and malinda

039_farid and malinda

040_farid and malinda

041_farid and malinda

042_farid and malinda

043_farid and malinda

044_farid and malinda

We decided to stay at The Estate for the wedding photo shoot and spent a bit of time ambling around the many great areas at this lovely venue.

045_farid and malinda

046_farid and malinda

047_farid and malinda

048_farid and malinda

049_farid and malinda

050_farid and malinda

051_farid and malinda

052_farid and malinda

053_farid and malinda

054_farid and malinda

055_farid and malinda
Malinda holding court with the boys

056_farid and malinda

057_farid and malinda

058_farid and malinda

059_farid and malinda

060_farid and malinda

061_farid and malinda

062_farid and malinda

The weather on the day was a bit of a mix with the sun coming in and out for most of the day, but we were fortunate to get some beautiful blue skies along with a lovely (albeit brief!) sunset later in the evening.

063_farid and malinda

064_farid and malinda

Malinda’s beautiful flowers were the handiwork of Virginia from Flower Gallery

065_farid and malinda

066_farid and malinda

067_farid and malinda

068_farid and malinda

Farid and Malinda booked us to stay on for the reception which was a lot of fun, with dancing and lots of laughter… especially as the happy pair were announced in by their MC!

069_farid and malinda

070_farid and malinda

071_farid and malinda

072_farid and malinda

073_farid and malinda

074_farid and malinda

075_farid and malinda

Malinda’s dad’s speech was excellent – he made reference to a dowry being owed but Farid was two steps ahead of him with miniature versions of the required pig and goat already on hand!

076_farid and malinda

077_farid and malinda

078_farid and malinda

079_farid and malinda

080_farid and malinda

081_farid and malinda

082_farid and malinda

083_farid and malinda

084_farid and malinda

085_farid and malinda

086_farid and malinda

087_farid and malinda

088_farid and malinda

089_farid and malinda

090_farid and malinda

091_farid and malinda

092_farid and malinda

093_farid and malinda

094_farid and malinda

095_farid and malinda

096_farid and malinda

097_farid and malinda

098_farid and malinda

099_farid and malinda

100_farid and malinda

101_farid and malinda

102_farid and malinda

103_farid and malinda

104_farid and malinda

105_farid and malinda

106_farid and malinda

Thank you so much Malinda and Farid for inviting us to capture your lovely wedding day… wishing you much love and happiness in the years ahead.

107_farid and malinda


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