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Holy roof iron, Batman! It’s the weather bomb!

The weather bomb has been lashing most of the country, and Waiheke Island is no exception.  Last weekend we watched from our window as the roof blew off one our neighbouring houses!  !!!  Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before!  Most of their roof peeled back and lifted off in one almighty sheet.  Luckily, the roofing iron got tangled between a bushy tree and another neighbours’ house so it didn’t go sailing off on the wind like a kite!  A couple of times we all held our breath as it looked like it would catch the wind and go flying, but it managed to stay put until the fire dept arrived to deal with it!  :0

My brave hubby Lance (who as some of you know is also my esteemed and brilliant assistant) faced the raging winds to get the below pic, which was front page of The Waiheke Marketplace this week. 

Good on ya, luv. 🙂

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