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Fathers Day

We had such a lovely day spoiling Lance on Fathers Day this year; just hanging out and relaxing, making him breakie in bed, brunch in the sun, wine and cheese in the arvo and a specially requested Roast Lamb for dinner.  Yep, you heard right – breakie AND brunch, cos that’s just how we do Fathers Day in our house.  Sticky sweet pastries, bagels, cream cheese, salmon… you get the idea I am sure!

Actually, it sounds like we pretty much just ate all day which is kind of true, although he also squeezed in some recreational gardening as well (total mystery to me how gardening can be considered anything but a complete chore but then I am a non-gardener, which I imagine you would have gathered from the comment!).

To save you from being subjected to photos of our gluttonous eating spree (or Lance’s gardening for that matter), I have unearthed one of my favourite shots from soon after our daughter Jessie was born, a gorgeous moment which always reminds me how delicate and yummy those first few months are with a newborn.

Happy belated Fathers Day everyone.

  • Loose Diamonds - That is the cutest pic of a father and daughter i have ever seen. It automatically brings a smile on my face as i see it. For that matter whoever sees it will definitely smile.. 😀 😀 😀ReplyCancel

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